Tuesday, December 15, 2015


[Re-post] Fat is a fatuous feminist though not a non-issue

[Re-post due to imposter postings despite password changes]
From the data-free and truth-inverting zone that is feminism has long come wholly false claims about both beanpoles and lard buckets when they happen to be women.
     'Size zero', they have long howled, is somehow an imposition on women by men – or, slightly more nuanced, as by a figment of their hate-mongering imagination: patreemularky (there is no basis whatsoever in science of 'patriarchy'). In fact, it is of course the result of female-female competitiveness for pair-bond ('marriage') partners, together with the imposition not by men and any supposed 'objectification' [sic] of women but of the homosexual ideal of the juvenile male body in the minds of the male homosexual designers heading up fashion houses.[ Note that the notion of 'objectification' [sic] is another in the endless catalogue of feminist myths; being a denial of the criteria re mate-value according to sex – feminists never complain about the 'objectification' [sic] of men as 'status objects', of course.]
     Lardy ladies supposedly are 'fat shamed' in being in any way and however gently hinted at to lose some of their adipose tissue; but this stance is not least because (research shows) lesbians – the women who tend to make the nastier feminists (separatists) – are much more likely to be obese than normal women (and even heterosexual feminists).
     The wider reality, as everyone could not better know, is that once women quit mutually competing for men they usually bloat. This compounds their self-awareness of no longer being attractive – an accurate perception; they really have ceased to appeal to men – and the bloating then can ratchet up in a vicious cycle to become grotesque. In any case, women's fertility (the criteria by which men assess them) falls off a cliff with age, not to mention the impact of childbirth; so the 'letting go' to become obese often starts young. To cap it all, the startling findings about stress and weight show that whilst men become thin, women … you guessed it: they just bloat even more. For women, most roads lead to putting on weight.
     Staggering though it is, at long long last we have here an issue for women, albeit not a feminist one, that ACTUALLY EXISTS.
     It's still just an issue of women getting off their (in this case literally fat) arses to do something about it instead of blaming men and wanting some new legislation or other; but hey, they really do have something 'wrong' with them on which to focus. And getting off their (fat) arses really is what they have to do because just focusing on the issue, with all the worrying and getting angry about it will …. just make them more and more obese, as I pointed out.
     So what, then, are feminists going to proclaim on this one?
     They're going to whine, of course: whining is all that they ever do.
     They are going to continue calling out all attempts to recognise the epidemic of female obesity for what it is, instead to pretend it's nothing but 'sexist' and 'fat shaming'.
     In other words, they really are going to get angry and worry about it, to make them and women generally fatter still.
     The stuck record will, as with everything by feminists, remain resolutely stuck.
     Anti-clockwise. In reverse. Until the weight of lard stops the turntable rotating altogether. Then the pejoratively characterised 'shaming' might bounce off all the female obese in the wider community on to the fatuous feminists themselves.

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