Sunday, April 20, 2008


Crazy abolition of the 10p tax band is explained by its anti-male intention

The universal consternation over the Government's obviously crazy abolition of the 10p tax band does have an explanation, of course. And it is not ham-fistedness. Just as the equally obvious unfairness of the infamous poll tax was a pathological consequence of ideology, so is the Government's taxation policy.

The PC fascist contempt and hatred for ordinary people -- specifically for the male -- is the driving force behind much of what the Government does. The obverse of this of over-privileging women is what is behind measures to support the family. Of course, the Government conceives of the family as any household with children that contains a woman, and preferably one that does not contain a man. The main point of tax credits is the furtherance of the household that does not contain a man. Most households that contain only one person, and most households that contain only one person in work, are male. Males make a still larger subset of these households that have no recourse to tax credits through earning above the minimum wage.

Men are driven to earn more because men need to earn if they are to have any sort of normal life -- that is, to attract a partner. Of course, governments have always relied on the male propensity to earn as the basis of creaming off ever larger slices in taxation. This is why beer has always been so highly taxed. Now that has gone so far that the pub is now under threat. The Government doesn't mind about this, because the pub is perceived as a male centre of the community.

These men are the true working poor, in that they are working for low wages but have no relief of any kind. Any attack on their income will tend to make them even less marriageable than they already are. Over-taxing single men tends to prevent them from forming a family household in the first place. From this perspective it makes perfect sense for the Government to make the income tax changes it has made. This is why ministers and Labour MPs have defended Gordon Brown by arguing that those who are winners through the tax changes are more worthy than the five million or so who are the losers.

For male low wage earners, a normal life is not feasible until they become clients of the state in that only through their stat-supported female partner do they become eligible for major boosts to their income that allow them to be able to support a family. This has reversed reality. Reality is that women look for a male partner to support a family, whereas governments have distorted the rewards from work so that males are not allowed to be in a position to provide for a woman until a family household has been established. Even then, the man is a member of the household for which he is the principal earner only on sufferance. He can be thrown out on a whim through obscene domestic violence laws that actively promote false accusation.

If ever there was a point at which the 'progressive project' fully came off the rails, then the abolition of the 10p tax band is it. There is anything but a 'progressive' project: it is comprehensively regressive. Now both commentators in the media and ordinary people at last are starting to wake up to this fact.

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