Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Immigration total fiasco, abuse of legal process re domestic violence, and daft working of the 'Malicious Communications Act': how come Tersa May keeps her job?

Can anyone explain how the appalling Teresa May remains Home Secretary?
     Just emerged are several absolutely damning reports from the official thorn in her side, John Vine, the outgoing Chief Inspector of Borders. To the Wicked Witch's shame, she's been sitting on them for several months, still further exposing the non-existence of the UK's immigration system. Vine actually went into the Department and asked point-blank if it was official policy to deliberately fail to administer the whole immigration system. One report concerned the complete failure to deal with the massive problem of illegal overstayers. Of the small minority of overstayers the Home Office had actually identified – some 300,000 – in the great majority of instances they had lost all track of where they were. Most of the files had been left to rot – some at the bottom of a disused lift shaft. Attempts to remove in many cases were simply a text message pointing out overstay! As so many times before, this is just another ginormous backlog the Home Office tried to hide. Another report revealed that granting citizenship has doubled, yet no checks were carried out, not just re character but even criminality, tax avoidance and benefit fraud. Even when applicants volunteered serious adverse information, no action was take – even in cases of clear deception to obtain citizenship.
     It's now a decade since I 'blew the whistle' on the complete non-system re immigration for the UK (back in Spring 2004), and ever more clearly, nothing has changed. With May's Government actually having cut 2,000 immigration posts, it has long been apparent that nothing was ever intended do do anything serious about it.
     On top of the gross mismanagement re immigration, the stupid harridan introduced a truly risible and absurd extension of an 'it's anything anyone says it is' law into partner abuse. Domestic violence – sorry, abuse, as it's long been watered down – now is anything anyone says it is: just like, post-Macpherson, 'racism' literally is anything anyone says it is. Completely unworkable law wide open to any extreme of abuse. To make matters even worse, men do not conceive of women's spousal violence towards them as criminal, whereas women are famously prone to exaggerate restraint of their own domestic violence to twist round the direction of perpetration, and many women readily make up allegations instrumentally in divorce or custody disputes.
     The Wicked Witch also presides over – nay, fully encourages – a hideous abuse of the Malicious Communications Act whereby the police are inclined to arrest anyone for tweeting mere bad taste. So it was for the Sunderland teenager who dissed Glasgow and Glaswegians by quipping that a dustcart actually picked up some proper rubbish when it moved down some pedestrians that day. Wasn't he just lampooning the now customary mass outpouring of overblown grief for others not personally known to the faux grievers? On what possible basis do they claim to be seriously offended? Never mind 'serious', how can they claim to take any sort of offence such that it should invoke legal redress? Haven't they heard of – and do they not care for the notion of – 'free speech'? Who remotely cares what these idiots may or may not pretend to feel? Are the police intending to try to make out it's a 'racial' 'hate' crime? If so, the they should be mauled in court for trying to make out that fellow Caucasians are somehow of a different 'race'.
     Astonishingly, this bossy but ineffectual ugly sister has serious aspirations to lead the Tawdry Party. What does that say about the quality of the Tawdry front bench and those waiting in the wings? What does it say about the contempt the political class has for the ability or ordinary people to think they way out of a paper bag?


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Wednesday, December 17, 2014


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