Thursday, July 12, 2012


The John Terry 'anti-racism' hysteria baloney

'Anti-racism' hysteria as now manifest in the criminal court case over the footballers' row is classic elitist-separatist nonsense through PC.
No ordinary sense can be made of it.
First, ethnicity is anything but an homogeneous locus of disadvantage as falsely represented in PC analysis. Outcomes (education employment, income, etc) for such as Indian and Chinese UK sub-populations exceed not only an average but also those of the 'host community' itself.
Second, ethnicity is merely one of an infinite number of possible in-group/out-group markers none of which necessarily trump any other as a basis of potential hurt.
Third, in-group/out-group psychology is shown in recent (2009) research to be to be about in-group 'love', not about out-group 'hate'.
Anti-racism hysteria is a social psychosis resulting from the cognitive-dissonance of the mindset of a political-Left ethos clashing with reality.
In scapegoating 'the workers' for the failure of the ethos in practice, all of us who can be portrayed as stereotypical workers – 'white' males – are deemed irredeemably sexist and racist simply because we are 'white' males, irrespective of our actual nature as a group or as individuals.
If anti-racism hysteria had any cogency, then where are the cases of all of the very obvious racism between ethnicities (witness Afro-Caribbean hostility to Asians in inner cities such as Leicester) and from ethnicities to 'whites' (all of the use of 'English', 'white' 'honkey' 'gora', etc)? Nowhere, or at most a very occasional instance that slips through the PC-fascist net.
These PC-fascist days we are living through are going to look thoroughly loopy to future generations. 'Anti-sexism' and 'anti-racism' hysteria soon will be hysterically funny.

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