Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Gordon's Great Gaff: Brown speaks with the true voice of PC-fascism

The key moment of the election campaign has today arrived: Gordon's "bigotted woman" charge.

It was inevitable such a gaff would happen.

This is how the government-media-education uber-class regard all of the rest of us. It is especially how the Labour Party regards all of the rest of us.

The Gorgon's great gaff is emblematic of the great backlash by the political-Left against the mass of ordinary people for not behaving according to how the political-Left ethos predicts and prescribes we all should do.

Major aprty politicians (not just Labour) cannot cope with recognising that it is the complete failure of their own political-philosophy that is the problem, and not how ordinary people are. Politics is never going to change human nature.

People are waking up to this chasm between themselves and the elitist-separatism of the government-media-education elite, but as yet they can't quite put their finger on what is at the root of it. They know there will always be those who try to lord it over them. of course, But this is different, and they somehow know it. Everybody knows in their guts that the new elite actively despises them.

This is behind the extraordinary reaction to the MPs' expenses scandal.

We are none of us surprised to find that the Labour government deliberately massively increased immigration simply to dilute us and punish us -- as the former speech writer to Tony Blair, Andrew Neather, sensationally revealed.

Labour are the worst of the parties, but through their long evoloution of poistioning in the 'centre', Conservatives are not so far behind. Ditto (sad for me to to say, as a former Lib Dem activist) the Liberal Democrats.

In Britain today, there are the mass of ordinary pretty decent folk, and then there are our leaders and others in positions of authority, who are (or suck up to) 'political-correctness' fascists. [And I use that term according to its proper definition. If you are under the illusion that the BNP is the principal locus of fascism in Britain today, think again.]

The backlash by the political-Left, as is well documented and commented upon, is what has produced our era of what has been dubbed 'politcal-correctness'. That is the great new fascism: a far wider and deeper phenomenon than any previous manifestation.

Distinguished from Marxism as being not the attempt to control 'the means of production' but what surrounds it -- notably culture generally; fascism is nothing to do with nationalism or 'racism', though of course it can be so allied, as it was in Germany. Nazism was national-socialism that set out to oppress a minority; today we have a facsism that is more international, that attempts not to oppress an minority but actually the majority of the population. Quite a travesty.

There are interesting times ahead. The general election is barely the start.

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