Tuesday, June 14, 2016


FCUK EeuU: all the ECONOMIC arguments are firmly on the ‘Out’/’Leave’ side, not just those re immigration and democracy

The EU is one great out-dated 'tragedy of the commons' exercise by elites, that survives on the life-support of kicking the can down the road and digging an ever deeper hole. The exponential cost of the never-ending long unaffordable bail-outs is going to land on the UK doormat sooner or later, never mind whatever supposedly was promised.

France is now forecast to go bankrupt in under five years – and you don't have to look far to see the signs. It's like going back to the UK in the 1970s, but with an endemic refusal to look at any solution. The rest of the EU Med nations already are effectively bankrupt.

The EU administration itself is as bankrupt as it is corrupt: its own books have not been signed off by auditors for the best part of two decades.

The UK needs to be as far away as possible when the EU rustbucket sinks if we're to avoid being sucked under with the contagion.

This alone is sufficient reason to say FCUK EeuU.

     The EU's inexorable economic and cultural decline amidst an otherwise growing world is compounded by the intractable problem of the two dozen plus countries making up the EU forever unable to get their act together to sign a trade deal with even one of the new big economies across the world, to which UK exports should have grown massively to dwarf our current falling levels to Europe.

As one country, we can quickly make simultaneous trade arrangements with India, etc, and – what is more – draw them up in our own interests, not those of Germany and France.

And that alone is another sufficient reason to 'vote leave'.

     As for the supposed virtues of the 'single market': this is a myth as Norman Lamont points out. Nations outside the EU are far more successful in importing into it than nations within the EU are at exporting to each other. Tariffs are very low at 3%, which is less than half what we pay in the effective tariff of our EU membership fee.

And there alone is another sufficient reason for 'out'.

     Then there's the huge costs of EU regulation falling on the more than four in five UK firms who don't export to the EU at all.

As for the supposed great majority of economists … blah blah: there's no mention of the 90%+ who never replied to the invitation to support the 'Remain' side.

The multi-national fat cats – yes, the ones who dodge paying their corporate taxes – of course are in league with the 'PC'-fascist political elites, who have nothing but contempt for their citizens in a blame game to excuse themselves for believing in bullshit bastardised Marxism..

     Of course, the democracy and immigration arguments seal it; but getting out of the EU really is a no-brainer.

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