Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Hattie Hateperson deserves all she's getting and more

There is no more deserving target for a come-uppance campaign than Hattie Hateperson, who is the most disgustingly man-hating PC-fascist in Parliament, and that's saying something.
     She is more than fair game here, being prurient in extremis when it comes to men and sex, having long proposed and continues to propose measures, no matter how absurd and extreme, to attack males (minors as well as adults) and male sexuality. She now wishes to criminalise the male party (but not the female) to consensual sex if a money transaction is involved, and she was prominent in raising the legal age-of-consent from the already absurdly high age 16 to age 18 for some categories of consensual sex. There is nothing the nasty witch wouldn't propose on these lines. Witness her astonishing attempt to trash even the most basic sense of actual equality in her campaign to criminalise the purchase of sex but not its sale!
     She is getting what's long been coming to her, and may this continue until she's rotting beneath her gravestone -- when I'll be there to deface it
     The delicious irony is that her position in some respects back then actually was in line with objective evidence. There is a very strong case to reduce the age-of-consent from being, ludicrously, over half a decade over the average age of puberty. There is also a very strong case to prick the hysteria over child sex abuse when meta-studies have revealed little impact in terms of psychological sequelae, and what there is seems to stem from what may surround the abuse than the abuse per se (most notably censoriousness about sex). Then, of course, there's the daft criminalisation of those who, instead of acting out, sublimate their paedophilia in viewing erotica, irrespective of whether they in any way supported the creation or dissemination through any payment; and whether or not any abuse was indirectly entailed in creating any image they viewed, as in montage or cartoon depiction -- though this last is an issue nowadays rather than in Hattie-Hate's NCCL pre-computer-image-high-tech days.
     Hapless Hattie makes herself still more ridiculous in her marvellously lame riposte to The Daily Mail of censure for printing pictures of 'very young girls in bikinis', when these cannot be less than eighteen years old and don't bare so much as a nipple or buttock!
Is she now attempting to up the age of what constitutes a child to ... what? ... a decade post-puberty? And how does this supposed abuse by The Daily Mail compare with supporting sex with pre-pubertal individuals – 'children' in all senses of the term?!
     As for the newspaper here: albeit that it has long been in bed with the PC-fascist Left on the anti-male / anti-sex bandwagon – not least re the bogus notions of 'paedophilia' (surely set soon to be defined as sex with anyone under 35) as sex with post-pubertal individuals -- The Daily Mail does also take the line that there's a witch-hunt afoot. The paper has long highlighted the epidemic of 'false rape' allegations, when most of the media has been unswerving in its stupid mantra of "we must believe the 'victim'".

Thursday, February 13, 2014


A grotesque poliicised witch-hunt against males by Keir Starmer, the CPS and the police.

The grotesque politicised witch-hunt by the CPS, police and Keir Starmer, the complete idiot former Director of Public Prosecutions, is shown to be just that with the verdict today on the non-evidenced accusations against the ex-dj DLT, in the wake of the very similar case and outcome re Bill Roache. The stupid cases against Rolf and Max Clifford will surely go the same way, and hopefully they will all join Jim Davidson in taking legal action against the police and CPS.
     In all of these cases there are mere accusations -- most of which anyway are of the mildest misdemeanours which in former times (the times relevant to the case) would have been dismissed for their triviality -- with no evidence of any kind in support. Self-evidently, if the case amounts to no more than some woman's word against that of a man, then the natural prejudice in favour of women and against men should never have blinded the authorities to the fact that there was not even in principle the prospect of achieving a conviction according to the civil let alone the criminal standard of proof, and that therefore there was no basis on which the case should ever have got to court. The CPS, police and Keir Starmer merely relied upon the natural pro-female and anti-male prejudices of jurors to do their dirty ideological cowardly crowd-pleasing work for them.
     The non-logical -- indeed, bloody fool -- basis of invoking a 'no smoke without fire' principle is the multiplicity of allegation; yet anyone who knows the first thing about these sort of cases realises that parallel allegations are never cross-corroborating. Police cum media trawls for further putative 'victims' invariably produces bogus or highly exaggerated accusations; when, as is well researched, it is well-known that women and girls commonly fabricate sexual assault scenarios as cover for all kinds of mild embarrassment (let alone sex behind the back of a boyfriend). And then there is the phenomenon of 'recovered memory' invention, which is exacerbated by the enormous elapse of time (several decades).
     These considerations lead even leading barristers (see Barbara Hewson, for example) to point out that the same applies to the accusations against Jimmy Saville. They likewise are entirely non-evidenced and multiple through police-media trawling. The point at issue is that anyone, regardless of character, placed in the position as was Jimmy Saville of being employed to be famous and gee up crowds of older girls and younger women, would have been on the receiving end of numerous complaints. That goes for a near-saint, never mind a bit of a lad. Having sex with hundreds or thousands of girls/women inevitably would lead to instances of mis-read signals and -- notably, with so many under-age girls lying about their ages so as to get round the no-under-16s Top-of-the-Pops studio rule -- under-age sex; irrespective of how scrupulously careful a man may be.
     It is the most serious indictment of our PC-buggered authorities that they have behaved in such an appallingly bigoted highly politicised manner, and heads must roll; and that could start with the police numptie who read out the crazy arrogant statement after the verdict outside the court, that 'victims' must be given a voice.
     There is every sign that the witch-hunt will continue, and people will be obliged to fight against the authorities until they begin to see sense.

Monday, February 10, 2014


Immigration 'system' rotten to the core: student visas and the immigration minister's cleaner

Surprise surprise: a decade on from when I exposed student visas as a massive scam, even The Boob – one of the few actually journalistic corners of it – is today exposing systematic wholesale abuse of the student visa 'system' (see BBC1 Panorama tonight). I'll let the BBC do the talking here. Suffice to say, as before what is uncovered is highly organised open mass fraud that no corner of officialdom has bothered to subject even to minimal scrutiny. Plus ca change.
     This latest in the never-ending debacle that is UK immigration once again proves the Home Office to be even worse at stemming floods than the Environment Agency; remaining as ever dysfunctional and not fit for purpose, in passing the buck to an education system it knows full well has no interest in being a borders agency itself, and in many ways is actively antagonistic, facilitating mass illegal migration.
     And as for the other buck-passing exercise – to employers – this could not better be revealed to be the sham that it is in the hilarious catching-out of Mark Harper, yet another now ex-immigration minister. He claims in his resignation that he applies higher standards to himself than apply to others. Guffaw! He was the direct employer of a cleaner who was here illegally. As for any other employer he was required to verify that the employee had leave to remain and to work in the UK. Mr Harper could not better confirm that the employer is not the gate-keeper at the UK border: that should be the task of the Gnome Orifice, but as we could not better know, the Home Office has not the slightest interest in fulfilling that function. Of all categories, foreign-born cleaners are known very commonly to be illegals, and Mr Harper is – was – the bloody minister actually ….. well, it hardly needs spelling out. But spell it out the public do all the time to governments of nominally both red and blue (or blue/yellow) and STILL absolutely nobody is listening. Only the PR departments in the Gnome Orifice and Cabinet Office are listening, and all they do, of course, is put up smoke.
     There is only one long continuous story where you could never make it up. Immigration is the well of wilful stupidity that keeps on giving.
     There will be a comeuppance for the government-media-education uber-class when finally the penny drops across the populace what the PC-fascism the uber-class has swallowed and manufactured is all about: hatred for the mass of ordinary decent people.

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