Tuesday, October 24, 2006


They will come here to work anyway. The door is fully open -- and ever further away. We need an internal gateway

The Government is of course right to officially try to prevent a further and much bigger wave of nationals of Bulgaria and Romania gaining employment here after the accession to the EU of these countries. Critics of the policy are also right that these nationals are going to come here anyway and work in the black economy.

The critics understate the problem. These new EU citizens will come and work in the official economy, because the DWP has no system to check the immigration status of anyone who applies for a National Insurance number. Not that there is any need to bother to apply, because you can readily buy one on the street for twenty quid.

They will also come and claim benefits, because the DWP also has no system in place to check the immigration status of anyone who applies for any benefit. The Government has always claimed that tiny numbers only every claim benefits but they simply have not the remotest clue how many do so.

The upshot is that although the official line is welcome, in that it sends a signal to many not to bother coming here; the reality is that most will come anyway. The stable door has been closed after not a horse but most of the herd had long since bolted.

The problem of Bulgaria and Romania is only the start. Many people in countries of the former Soviet Union bordering Romania and Bulgaria have already secured Bulgarian/Romanian passports. The accession of these two countries provides an open door for anyone from the Russian federation to gain entry, and with their ultra low standard of living, then gain entry they certainly will; in huge numbers. Many of these have been obliged to become criminals to survive, and many if not the majority survive only by working unofficially at least to a degree, and so have long lost interest in any official work. Black economy work in Britain is an attractive proposition for them.

The growth of the EU points up the central nightmare that not only have we lost control of our own borders, but our border is now the highly porous one of the EU perimeter, which is in practice no border at all. So we can expect the wages available to those already without much if any incentive to work to fall still further. The polarisation of our society will continue and at a faster rate. The attitude by many of the huge numbers who can expect only low pay, quite sensibly will be to not bother working for what is after all, little if any more than can be got in benefits; just to pay taxes to a government that at best couldn't care less about indegenous workers, and for the most part positively despises them.

As I have argued in posts below, we need an internal gateway to make life much harder for those who choose to come and live and work here unofficially. The craziness that is the EU makes this argument even stronger. Once we have such a system, then the case is also strengthened for a proper external gateway. Then the progressive collapse of the EU -- a much more realistic scenario than our withdrawal -- will make the need for comprehensive immigration control both at our national borders and at the point of access to government services overwhelming.


Monday, October 23, 2006


Booker for Blunkett?

The fantasy fiction genre has a new author. I heard extracts from David Blunkett’s nauseatingly self-righteous cherry pickings from his boring diaries on Radio 4.

What did he have to say about the 2004 debacle where tens of thousands of East Europeans, including many criminals, were simply rubber stamped into the country? Apparently this wasn’t a ruse to try to siphon off numbers from the politically sensitive total of those arriving post accession. A Home Office report (the Sutton enquiry) said so. Well, David, as almost every commentator remarked at the time, this report was the most complete whitewash; as I have myself proved (see my book, The Great Immigration Scandal).

And what about poor old Bev Hughes? Blind in every sense, the Brightside buffoon reckons she did nothing wrong. So she didn’t repeatedly grossly mislead Parliament? Er, well she did, but apparently it wasn’t her fault. What about the three letters she wrote and sent that she denied all knowledge of? This was the Home Office’s fault because "they did nothing". So it’s fine then for a minister to go on BBC Newsnight and state a crucial position that is flatly contradicted by three letters in the minister’s own hand, and that’s not her fault but her Department’s?

Politicians really do beggar belief. Certainly we are very well rid of this supposed straight talker, who consistently reveals himself to be anything but.

The Information Commissioner is about to press the Home Office yet again to reveal documents to/from Blunkett and Hughes re the repeated ‘backlog reduction’ BRACE exercises: the rubber stamping operations that systematically broke the law in not applying immigration rules. The Home Office is still insisting that disclosing these is not in the public interest -- though of course it can‘t explain what possibly could trump revealing systematic illegality at the heart of government. It certainly won’t be in the Home Office's interests, nor the interests of the reputation of either Hughes or Blunket regarding truth and competence.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Up to 100,000 Turkish Kurds smuggled in by one gang: so how many MILLIONS of illegals in total?

Well I was explaining (see below) why it is that the total number of illegal immigrants must be in the millions and not the hundreds of thousands we are led to believe by the Government. Now we know that one gang has smuggled in up to 100,000 Turkish Kurds.

Now, Kurds represent a tiny proportion of the people in the non-western world, and Turkish Kurds are a fraction of the total of Kurds. The 100,000 is just a subset of the total number of Turkish Kurd illegals here, because many will have come simply by overstaying on a visa, or fraudulently gaining entry as a student, etc.

The mystery is why people bothered with gangs anyway given how easy it is to get into Britain!

It also shows how useless is the supposed carbon dioxide detection system at ports of entry to find people hidden in lorries. But we knew that. There are only one or two ports with any equipment, the equipment doesn’t work for lack of parts, there are not the staff to use it, nor the staff to process anyone detected; etc. Only a tiny fraction of traffic is ever examined.

The upshot is that if there are so many illegals from this tiny corner of the world, then how many are there of other nationalities? We know there are hundreds of thousands of Chinese illegals. It may be that the total of Chinese illegals alone totals as much as the sum total for all nationalities that the Government pretends.

It is another pointer to the truth of my argument that the scale of illegal immigration is massive, and far larger than anyone dares admit.

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