Monday, October 23, 2006


Booker for Blunkett?

The fantasy fiction genre has a new author. I heard extracts from David Blunkett’s nauseatingly self-righteous cherry pickings from his boring diaries on Radio 4.

What did he have to say about the 2004 debacle where tens of thousands of East Europeans, including many criminals, were simply rubber stamped into the country? Apparently this wasn’t a ruse to try to siphon off numbers from the politically sensitive total of those arriving post accession. A Home Office report (the Sutton enquiry) said so. Well, David, as almost every commentator remarked at the time, this report was the most complete whitewash; as I have myself proved (see my book, The Great Immigration Scandal).

And what about poor old Bev Hughes? Blind in every sense, the Brightside buffoon reckons she did nothing wrong. So she didn’t repeatedly grossly mislead Parliament? Er, well she did, but apparently it wasn’t her fault. What about the three letters she wrote and sent that she denied all knowledge of? This was the Home Office’s fault because "they did nothing". So it’s fine then for a minister to go on BBC Newsnight and state a crucial position that is flatly contradicted by three letters in the minister’s own hand, and that’s not her fault but her Department’s?

Politicians really do beggar belief. Certainly we are very well rid of this supposed straight talker, who consistently reveals himself to be anything but.

The Information Commissioner is about to press the Home Office yet again to reveal documents to/from Blunkett and Hughes re the repeated ‘backlog reduction’ BRACE exercises: the rubber stamping operations that systematically broke the law in not applying immigration rules. The Home Office is still insisting that disclosing these is not in the public interest -- though of course it can‘t explain what possibly could trump revealing systematic illegality at the heart of government. It certainly won’t be in the Home Office's interests, nor the interests of the reputation of either Hughes or Blunket regarding truth and competence.

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