Friday, September 18, 2009


The Attorney General is toast: bitten on the arse by her own law to hide immigration chaos

The Attorney General has no defence and is surely toast, with the non-system of immigration is more starkly exposed than ever. Given the millions -- not mere hundreds of thousands -- of illegal overstayers, does anyone imagine it was just bad luck that Baroness Scotland ended up employing an illegal migrant?
The chasm between the establishment and ordinary people that seemingly could not get any wider just did. The 'you couldn't make it up' string of cases of illegal migrants working for Government just got still more ridiculous with the several aggravating factors that destroy any explanation Baroness Scotland could give.
Bogus student applications were clearly the norm when I worked in Managed Migration within the Home Office -- at the very time (2003) that the Attorney General's home help, Loloahi Tapui, arrived to abuse the non-system we have re immigration.
We are told that as a student she was given a National Insurance number. Come again? Students do not need and are not given NI numbers because they are exempt from paying tax and NI contributions on earnings. The complete failure of the Home Office to communicate with HMRC could easily mean that an NI number was given out inappropriately -- we know that a million more numbers were given out to  migrants than could be legitimately obtained. Alternatively you can get one for a few pounds on London streets. 
Students are not allowed (supposedly) to work full-time -- up to 20 hours per week only -- but it was obvious to me and my co-workers in Managed Migration that huge numbers of illegals were entering in the guise of students and then remaining invisible to the authorities, given neither system nor manpower in place to in any way deal with the problem. As we see here, Ms Tapui twice applied to extend her 'leave to remain' but was refused, yet no attempt was ever made to deport or even to 'remove' her ('removal' is the merely administrative term that does not mean actual expulsion, and is used by the Government to hoodwink the public).
If Ms Tapui had been granted an extension, she would have received a simple printed letter to confirm this. Anyone can alter and photocopy such a letter and pass it off as an original from the Home Office. Is this how Baroness Scotland was fooled?
Employers who have contacted the Home Office to ask them to verify such documents have been told that this is the employers' responsibility. The Home Office knows full well that their own staff can't easily tell the difference between a genuine 'leave to remain' letter and a forgery; and, more especially, that fraudulent applications are very likely to have been granted. This is why the onus is placed on employers, who have no means of establishing whether or not migrants are legal or illegal. So it was that Victor and Jason Cox ended up in Maidstone Prison after a raid by SOCA -- the serious crime squad -- not led by the Immigration Service, note; having done nothing wrong except to approach the Home Office to help them sift their applicants. Similarly, the former advisor to Margaret Thatcher, Christopher Monckton, has pursued through judicial review a very similar case against an employer client of his.
Not only has Ms Tapui managed with no effort and unchallenged to overstay in Britain for the last five years, but she actually got married; thereby revealing more absurd loophiles. The mass of bogus marriages is still happening though the loophole of the CofE not being required to notify the Home Office of any details of brides and grooms. This despite the Home Office knowing for decades of the major problem of illegal immigration by marriage.
It's not as though the ongoing farce has changed or is about to. The Government's much touted border controls to count people in and out is not scheduled to be implemented until 2014. And we keep hearing of ever larger numbers of supposed colleges purporting to teach English are actually fronts for illegals posing as students.
Short of gunning down voters in the street, the Government has nowhere further to descend in showing its utter contempt for us all, in its PC-fascist crusade to 'diversify' us into a people who will accept the blame for the political Left's own human nature defying ethos.

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