Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Splitting the Borders Agency won't be even remotely enough

The delayed Vine Report, the recommendations of which the Home Secretary says she is to implement in full, contains amazing but actually not surprising statements. Explicitly the investigators concluded that there can be no confidence whatsoever in the management of the Borders & Immigration Agency. But albeit a separate agency, the BIA (formerly the IND) is part of the Home Office. So what about the total failure of Home Office senior management even to be aware of the depth of the problems? And that includes the current Permanant Secretary, Helen Ghosh, and previous incumbents, David Normington, John Gieve, and so on. If they are not fully culpable then who the hell is?! Not to mention the succession of ministerial Home Secretaries. And is Teresa May significantly less useless than the appalling succession of prior Labour Government truth-dodgers?
What is not being discussed is that the culture within the Home Office from the very top downwards is inimical to any form of control of our borders. It is not only that there is a firm belief that immigration is an insoluble problem; there is the now deeply entrenched ethos of 'political correctness', which is an active major backlash against the mass of ordinary people whereby the importation en mass of people of a wholly different culture and antagonistic to Western culture is actually regarded as politically desirable. That is how crazy things are.
So from where is the necessary change going to emanate? Clearly it cannot come from anywhere within the Home Office. And it cannot come from the current Government because the Conservative Party hardly less than the other two UK major political parties is fully signed up to PC-fascism. So the necessary change is not going to happen. Not until the political culture of Britain changes and the views of the great majority of ordinary people are heeded. Given that the Euro and the EU seem doomed, then through the Euro elections UKIP may be able to build a power base, and that would be a significant start. As far as representative politics goes UKIP's the only game in town after all.
Simply splitting the Borders & Immigration Agency is merely to repeat the original exercise of splitting off from the Home Office the BIA itself -- the naming of which was another fruitless exercise: being merely a re-naming of the Immigration & Nationality Directorate, which already was at arms-length from the Home Office. Obviously this was to facilitate 'useful' distancing between ministers and Home Office mandarins and seniors from the ever-continuing immigration fiasco. To now sub-divide the BIA will just make it easier for systematic failure to implement immigration law to go unchecked and un-noticed.
What a Government. What a country. What a culture.

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