Thursday, July 07, 2016


Andrea Leadsom SURELY over Theresa Bloody May

Andrea Leadsom was the star of the Vote Leave campaign – by far the best candidate on the BBC's 3x3 stadium debate a couple of days before Brexit day. She's a communicator; actually human, talks good sense, and actually knows a thing or ten about economics, the EU and trade. None of the toff bluster of Boris or the geeky oddness of Gove. She wiped the floor with the 'Remain' side's bizarre team of a jumped-up shop steward, an Asian mayor and a Lesbian Scot. OK, it can't have been that difficult, but Boris wasn't that great on the night.

     Theresa May hid for the entire campaign – declaring for the 'Remain' side she'd assume would win, but then cowardly hedging her bets – just as she's been hiding for her five useless years as Home Secretary, doing absolutely nothing about the high levels of non-EU migration, and personally cutting the boats patrolling our shores down to …. three. She's stayed in post only because everyone has long come to the conclusion that the Gnome Orifice is a basket case as unreformable as the EU, so they've given up getting in such a huff about it.

     Another school ma'am patronising, pompous bore, May has no people skills, never mind charisma, and looks like a tired hag. She has few if any discernible strengths, having risen through conscientiousness. That's all there is to her.

     Andrea Leadsom, by contrast, is highly personable, speaks English instead of Klingon, and actually believes in the EU departure she is going to have to negotiate. AND she's had the more relevant actual 'real life' experience negotiating and dealing with economics.

     All Theresa May can point to is years in government. Well, so could Gordon Brown. She's more or less just played dead to avoid targeted incoming.

     It's a no-brainer.

     UKIP wouldn't mind Leadsom defecting to 'em, and from an electoral point of view will be praying for Theresa May, of course.

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