Friday, June 22, 2012


"Got it wrong" on immigration?! You HATE us all, you lying tosser

Labour hardly just "got it wrong" on immigration, as we're told today by their leader (the 12-year-old numptie with a lisp known as the wrong Milliband brother).
As the then speech-writer to Tony Blair, Andrew Neather, fully exposed, Labour immigration policy was nothing other than raw PC-fascist ideology: punishing 'the workers' for not buying 'the progressive project'.
The idea, starkly, was to flood the country with hundreds of thousands and then millions of migrants who do not fit in, for no other purpose than to make life as awkward as possible for the mass of ordinary people; to rub their noses in 'multiculturalism'.
It was nothing to do with a failure to take account of costs as well as benefits: no cost/benefit analysis was even considered.
"Too disconnected" from the people?!
Disconnection is what is desired by the political classes, and Labour Party people especially.
They see themselves as both above us and separate from us.
Politics cannot get more extreme or obscene than such PC-fascism.
How did the Labour Party change from being originally a political expression of the needs of ordinary people to become the major force in Britain that hates the great bulk of British citizens?
Politics cannot get more necrotic than that.

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