Thursday, May 21, 2015


640,000 migrants last year, and that's just the legals; but still the BBC won't discuss immigration seriously

Astonishingly, 640,000 migrants came to the UK in one year; and most of these from outside the EU -- the numbers of which the government is supposed to be able to control. This is just the official count, of course. There will be a huge extra number of illegals on top of this. Nobody wants to talk about these – not least Victoria Derbyshire. I was on her pre-election BBC TV immigration programme to outline how non-existent is our supposed immigration system, and in rehearsal the politico-freak producer evidently freaked out. I was prevented from contributing anything in a two-hour programme, so I walked out. As usual, the Boob was scared of anything honest about immigration in election week.
     The government estimate of a mere 600,000 illegals (which anyway doesn't include dependants and non-workers, which would boost it to a million; and it;s now a decade out of date) is based on an invalid international comparison. All Professor Salt – for it was he, under Tony Blair – did to arrive at this estimate was to look at how the total number of legals compares with that of illegals in various other countries, and this, averaged out to a standard ratio was then used to multiply the UK total of legals to come up with a guess at the total of illegals.
     Of course, this is bogus, because the UK has a unique constellation of 'pull' factors for immigration – the international second language as our native tongue; a US-style open labour market yet EU-style welfare benefits; an enclave for every migrant group in the world to join; and the world's most useless, nigh-on non-existent immigration system, where not only is it a piece of piss to get in, but there is no effort to chuck you out – or even to find you, and once here there is no effective 'internal gateway' to stop you getting benefits, an NI number, NHS treatment, etc. Anyone can simply overstay – even if it turns out you've got a serious criminal record. We are STILL waiting for the Gnome Orifice to set up a system where they even bother to count people in and out; let alone to take and to check their details. [Just WTF is the problem?!] So a more realistic estimate of the total number of illegals is more like TWO OR THREE MILLION.
     So much for debate and honesty about immigration. It still does not exist in any serious way here in Britain.
     The government-media-education uber-class continues to be hell-bent on perpetrating their utter hatred of all of the rest of us through their chucking the toys out of the pram backlash of 'identity politics' and 'PC', where any category outside the ordinary distinguishes the new 'worthy': those of an ethnic minority or heterosexual – and, quintessentially, not male. The rest of the population ... the bulk of the former 'workers' who declined to buy the bull from the Left ... is consigned to ... where? We've been here with this naked and nasty elitist-separatism from the political-Left before; on several occasions. Thus far it has usually ended in mass murder.
     When are the masses going to twig just what 'identity politics' and 'PC' is about? In the meantime, if the government continues rhetoric but no action on immigration, eventually there will be hell to pay in the other direction.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


The 'genetic filter' theory of the origin of sex and the function of the male confirmed: Nature journal paper published today

Today is published in the journal Nature, comprehensive confirmation of the theory of the origin of sex in dealing with mutational load through the 'genetic filter' or 'mutational cleansing' role of the male, as I've outlined in papers on my website (see below).
The paper published today is:
'Sexual selection protects against extinction', by Alyson J Lumley, Łukasz Michalczyk, James J N Kitson, Lewis G Spurgin, Catriona A Morrison, Joanne L Godwin, Matthew E Dickinson, Oliver Y Martin, Brent C Emerson, Tracey Chapman & Matthew J G Gage.
My papers are:
'The Origin of the Sexual Divide in the Genetic Filter Function'. Moxon SP (2012) New Male Studies 1(3) 96-124 []

'From DNA Repair to Social Minds: The Root of Sex-dichotomous Psychology and Behaviour. Steve Moxon, 2014. Presentation for the conference From DNA To Social Minds, University of York, June/July 2014.]

Saturday, May 09, 2015


The election reveals the future for Liebore is a painful death, and so it should be

The supposedly surprising election result was fully predicted by not a few; me included. It was obvious there would be the usual late swing back to the incumbent party, and this time markedly so because of the 'shy Tory' phenomenon opaque to polling in a now virulent 'PC'-totalitarian climate, with extra late drive from the prospect of a nationalist Scotland wagging the tail of the Liebore donkey – to get the English to pay for socialism for Scotland, when they had not long ducked out of independence because they realised likely they wouldn't be able to afford it.
     This is even before you consider the most boring, unconvincing election campaign in history providing no impetus to do other than 'switch off', never mind responding to the lame invite to 'vote for change'. What change? Not Liebore's stuck record of 'not me gov' and rapidly rescinded 'sorries' re the debt, and Red Ed deliberately forgetting to even mention the debt and immigration in that speech. Latterly, the Walking-Dead Ed wouldn't come clean even to pointed direct attacks from the audience in TV hustings.
     Everybody well knows Liebore spent way too much, and trying to blame the w(b)ankers for the debt hardly washes when it was Gorgon's taking an axe to bank regulation that led to the 'crash'. Few had twigged that until Ed admitted it and almost said 'sorry' for it. Then they tried clobbering the Cameroonies for not tackling the debt well enough, by claiming that the debt would go down further and quicker if … you spend more. Just who the hell did they think was ever going to buy that piece of inanity apart from their own ideologically blinkered tribesmen or other PPE Oxbridge graduates educated out of any common-sense and into hating 'capitalism'?
     Everybody bar the ESN could smell a mile off the giant porkies about the NHS, after Liebore had actually voted against extra spending and had themselves introduced privatisation -- most especially in the PFI travesty whereby we get hospitals built and run by the private sector and the taxpayer gets an extra bill of £100 billion more than it should have cost.
     Everybody has seen all too clearly the mass importation of the culturally incongruous low-skilled and worse, deliberately to piss-off and dilute the locals and to make better voting booth fodder.
     The truth is that on their record, Liebore had nowhere to go.
     What's so revealing about the future of UK politics is that Liebore failed even when four million voters opted not to vote Tawdry but instead for UKIP. The problem Liebore has is that most of these are not disaffected Tawdries but previously non-voters or some of their own core vote so long taken for granted. Ask Ed Balls. A lot of them previously would have voted Liebore, but they've come to understand that Liebore is just a Metropolitan elite sneer fest in which their heads have been put in place of the coconuts in the fairground to chuck Ed's Balls at.
     In all those northern rust-belt seats where UKIP polled as much or more than the Tawdries, in many seats the combined vote easily exceeded Liebore's; so, come the next election, what would have been the Tawdry vote will redistribute tactically to UKIP and in more than few spots send Liebore packing. There won't be a resurgence of GlibDems here to re-split the anti-Liebore vote, because their whole point up-north was to be anti-Liebore and relatively anti-establishment. UKIP has now usurped them in that role. Instead, Liebore will be haemorrhaging votes from its Left flank to the growing 'watermelon' tribe of the Greens. Neither will there be much relief from places in the south, because the Tawdries have become themselves so infected with 'identity politics' and other liberal [sic] notions that they've become like the other legacy parties, such that in many ways you can't get the proverbial piece of paper between them. UKIP is almost as much the natural party of protest in the shires as in the industrial cities. UKIP will grow not least as Liebore and the GlibDems shrink.
     The future for Liebore is a painful death, and so it bloody well should be.

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