Tuesday, May 19, 2015


The 'genetic filter' theory of the origin of sex and the function of the male confirmed: Nature journal paper published today

Today is published in the journal Nature, comprehensive confirmation of the theory of the origin of sex in dealing with mutational load through the 'genetic filter' or 'mutational cleansing' role of the male, as I've outlined in papers on my website (see below).
The paper published today is:
'Sexual selection protects against extinction', by Alyson J Lumley, Ɓukasz Michalczyk, James J N Kitson, Lewis G Spurgin, Catriona A Morrison, Joanne L Godwin, Matthew E Dickinson, Oliver Y Martin, Brent C Emerson, Tracey Chapman & Matthew J G Gage.
My papers are:
'The Origin of the Sexual Divide in the Genetic Filter Function'. Moxon SP (2012) New Male Studies 1(3) 96-124 [http://stevemoxon.co.uk/the-sexual-divide-.php]

'From DNA Repair to Social Minds: The Root of Sex-dichotomous Psychology and Behaviour. Steve Moxon, 2014. Presentation for the conference From DNA To Social Minds, University of York, June/July 2014.

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