Thursday, October 16, 2014


The latest 'identity politics' / 'PC' insanity over disability and rape

The extreme ridiculousness of the culture of 'identity politics' and 'political correctness' foisted on us from on high, is revealed in the two prominent news stories here in the UK re disability and rape.
     It is self-evident that many of those with mental and/or physical disabilities are unemployable or not employable sufficient to be market-clearing at even the minimum wage. Therefore, to promote the employment of such individuals in the private sector, then similar to the apprenticeship scheme for young workers, there needs to be a scheme to relax the applicability of the minimum wage. This would in no way impact on the income of any disabled individuals taking up new opportunities, because income from work would be topped up with income from the State -- just as is the case for many millions of other workers. The upshot would be a real connection with the world for many individuals who, in effect, were almost entirely isolated from it; and some prospect of building on this to go some way towards rehabilitation and at least a semblance of normal life.
     It is complete nonsense to claim "offence" here. The only offence is the insult to the rest of us that "offence" can be so cynically manufactured. It is absurd to pretend that everyone is of equal worth in the marketplace. Everybody has different relative worth, disabled or not.
It is just as self-evident that the mantra 'rape is rape' is utter nonsense. Sex with someone several years post-puberty but arbitrarily deemed 'under-age' is statutory rape. This is a technicality. It is nothing to do with consent per se. It is simply held that 'informed' consent is questionable through youthful age. Sex between people who are drunk is also problematic with respect to informed consent. Of course, both women and men seek to become disinhibited through alcohol specifically to facilitate sex, and there is no dividing line between mere disinhibition and losing control. The parties likely won't remember what was said or done to establish consent. So it is that having sex with someone who is drunk is technically rape. It is not akin to waylaying someone and forcing them to have sex. This very clearly is rape, whereas other forms are almost always of a very different nature. Most 'acquaintance rape' is retrospective withdrawal of consent and/or crossed-wires, and some is outright false allegation to cover some mild indiscretion. 'Rape is rape' is a political mantra of those who simply hate ordinary people and specifically men, and wish to perpetrate their irrational revenge on society ('the workers' of old for not buying the ideological bullshit) by destroying it through 'identity politics'.
Common-sense is always thrown out of the window whenever the culture of 'identity politics' and 'political correctness' becomes salient.
     It will get ever worse, with growing numbers of people harassed, charged and punished for an ever wider definition of what is deemed to be 'hate speech', until the whole obscenity of 'identity politics' and 'PC' is either finally laughed out of town or there are guns and bullets in the streets. The longer the insanity continues to grow, the more likely it is that the only way left will be to shoot all the ideologues.

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