Thursday, October 05, 2006


Up to 100,000 Turkish Kurds smuggled in by one gang: so how many MILLIONS of illegals in total?

Well I was explaining (see below) why it is that the total number of illegal immigrants must be in the millions and not the hundreds of thousands we are led to believe by the Government. Now we know that one gang has smuggled in up to 100,000 Turkish Kurds.

Now, Kurds represent a tiny proportion of the people in the non-western world, and Turkish Kurds are a fraction of the total of Kurds. The 100,000 is just a subset of the total number of Turkish Kurd illegals here, because many will have come simply by overstaying on a visa, or fraudulently gaining entry as a student, etc.

The mystery is why people bothered with gangs anyway given how easy it is to get into Britain!

It also shows how useless is the supposed carbon dioxide detection system at ports of entry to find people hidden in lorries. But we knew that. There are only one or two ports with any equipment, the equipment doesnÂ’t work for lack of parts, there are not the staff to use it, nor the staff to process anyone detected; etc. Only a tiny fraction of traffic is ever examined.

The upshot is that if there are so many illegals from this tiny corner of the world, then how many are there of other nationalities? We know there are hundreds of thousands of Chinese illegals. It may be that the total of Chinese illegals alone totals as much as the sum total for all nationalities that the Government pretends.

It is another pointer to the truth of my argument that the scale of illegal immigration is massive, and far larger than anyone dares admit.

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