Monday, February 10, 2014


Immigration 'system' rotten to the core: student visas and the immigration minister's cleaner

Surprise surprise: a decade on from when I exposed student visas as a massive scam, even The Boob – one of the few actually journalistic corners of it – is today exposing systematic wholesale abuse of the student visa 'system' (see BBC1 Panorama tonight). I'll let the BBC do the talking here. Suffice to say, as before what is uncovered is highly organised open mass fraud that no corner of officialdom has bothered to subject even to minimal scrutiny. Plus ca change.
     This latest in the never-ending debacle that is UK immigration once again proves the Home Office to be even worse at stemming floods than the Environment Agency; remaining as ever dysfunctional and not fit for purpose, in passing the buck to an education system it knows full well has no interest in being a borders agency itself, and in many ways is actively antagonistic, facilitating mass illegal migration.
     And as for the other buck-passing exercise – to employers – this could not better be revealed to be the sham that it is in the hilarious catching-out of Mark Harper, yet another now ex-immigration minister. He claims in his resignation that he applies higher standards to himself than apply to others. Guffaw! He was the direct employer of a cleaner who was here illegally. As for any other employer he was required to verify that the employee had leave to remain and to work in the UK. Mr Harper could not better confirm that the employer is not the gate-keeper at the UK border: that should be the task of the Gnome Orifice, but as we could not better know, the Home Office has not the slightest interest in fulfilling that function. Of all categories, foreign-born cleaners are known very commonly to be illegals, and Mr Harper is – was – the bloody minister actually ….. well, it hardly needs spelling out. But spell it out the public do all the time to governments of nominally both red and blue (or blue/yellow) and STILL absolutely nobody is listening. Only the PR departments in the Gnome Orifice and Cabinet Office are listening, and all they do, of course, is put up smoke.
     There is only one long continuous story where you could never make it up. Immigration is the well of wilful stupidity that keeps on giving.
     There will be a comeuppance for the government-media-education uber-class when finally the penny drops across the populace what the PC-fascism the uber-class has swallowed and manufactured is all about: hatred for the mass of ordinary decent people.

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