Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The men women shun are now forced to pay for these women’s anonymous kids

The very women who shun any man from being in their lives, now through the taxation system can force all men -- including the very men they've left to live alone -- to pay to support their officially sanctioned anonymously fathered kids. And handsomely. Many male taxpayers won't earn anything like the sum paid to a single parent and her children. They don't get to keep much of what they earn until the Government lets them -- only when they somehow get to form the family that their lack of a 'family wage' usually prevents.

And we'll be made to pay many times over, given what we know about the impact of fatherlessness on children to create massive compounded social breakdown.

This is the result of tonight's disgraceful vote in the House of Commons on the opposition amendment to include the need for a father when seeking IVF treatment. The Government won by 72 votes. It was a free vote and some Labour MPs voted for the amendment against the Government. So even without a whip, a majority of the deplorable bunch of green leather mites decided to uphold their own out-of-touch PC fascist politics and to defecate on the country.

The Government could not do anything to more conclusively show that it has lost the right to govern on behalf of us all by going against the wishes of 80% of the population in this (as was the result of a very recent poll). It is not the IVF that this directly applies to that is the issue, but the enshrining in law of a fundamental undermining of sociality. It is a further assertion by those who have long shown themselves to be unfit to govern us, that people somehow don't belong to themselves but instead belong to the government, and must be paid for by us all, irrespective of how obviously unreasonable their behaviour may be.

The Government has further compounded the pointlessness of ever bothering to go to work for a large swathe of the bulk of the population made up of what was once called 'the working man'.

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