Friday, August 12, 2011


That the 'riots' were caused by ethnic-enclaving is shown by the pattern of spread

The fully expected 'sweeping under the carpet' progresses, as with the analysis today on BBC News by the BBC's Home Affairs editor, Mark Easton, who said that the 'riots' were "not about 'race' "
Indeed they are not about 'race' in the sense of being some sort of protest by a particular ethnicity, but the 'riots' were predominantly caused by the in-group psychology that produces the cultural enclaves that even longstanding migrants of some ethnicities are usually to be found.

That the several-days-long 'uprising'indeed was centrally caused by 'race' -- or, rather, 'culture' attached to 'race' -- could not be more evident in the pattern of how it started and spread across the country. It was in the order of cities according to size of Afro-Caribbean sub-population: from Tottenham within London, to first Birmingham, then Bristol and Liverpool, plus Nottingham, and then to Manchester; hardy at all to Leicester (which has only a small A-C sub-population), NOT AT ALL to the massive city of Sheffield (which has few A-Cs), and to Yorkshire to the only place where there is any concentration of A-Cs: the small area of Leeds called Chapeltown.
Yes, there were white, mainly underclass 'hangers on', but this is testament to just how much ethnic-African and specifically Afro-Caribbean gang culture has prospered, and how much the culture of those who are towards the foot of the indigenous ('host') population has not.

The problem is the entrenchment of profound 'in-grouping' in even long-established migrant enclaves: the very opposite of integration.
Wider issues of social breakdown are themselves in substantial part contingent on this main issue of migrant enclave in-grouping; and in any case, are not least both caused by and are a manifestation of the contempt by the government-media-education uber-class for the mass of ordinary people in the backlash of 'PC-fascism' -- which is, of course, why mass immigration had been deliberately foisted on us in the first place.

Nobody at the BBC can come clean about this, because they have to tow the line of the standard 'PC-fascist' ethos (fully internalised as it is at the BBC as in all other parts of the establishment) in order to hang on to their jobs. So this is no dig at Mark, who's a nice chap.  Rather, it's in some sympathy with him.

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