Sunday, August 07, 2011


Tottenham: ethnic-enclaving is growing, not fading; and anyone can see where that is going

The complete failure of integration even of third-generation migrants following uncontrolled immigration has been all too well illustrated by the events in Tottenham overnight, which replicate the Broadwater Farm and nationwide inner-city uprisings against the host culture of a generation ago.
Media – the BBC especially – predictably fail to mention the ethnicity of the man that an armed police response team shot dead in Tottenham: Mark Duggan is, of course, black. Everybody well knows that ethnic-minority enclave versus host-community conflict is what this is all about. Yet again we go through the ridiculous brushing-under-the-carpet at which the media and the BBC in particular are so adept.
Hilariously, the media is afraid that mere mention of reality will boomerang their bogus charges of 'racism' back in their own faces. The conflict is, of course, not about 'race' but about culture. Ethnicity is merely a marker. Everyone knows individuals of various ethnic minorities who are if anything more culturally English/British/European – however you wish to term it – than they are themselves. Not only are such people no problem to us: they readily become members of our 'in-groups' (to use a term from psychology and sociology). So much for supposed ineradicable 'racism'.
It is plain for all to see that many migrant enclaves persist with not just no sign of breaking down under assimilation to the host community, but actually strengthen. Anyone would intuit that this would occur. It's basic human behaviour.
Recent research has shown that in-group/out-group psychology is much more to do with in-group 'love' than it is about out-group 'hate'. That is, the psycho-social force that establishes and maintains a group such as a migrant enclave is not hostility from without, but cohesion from within. The indigenous 'white' community is not responsible for ethnic ghettoisation; it is ethnic grouping by minorities that itself produces ghettoisation.
Of course, the more that our completely uncontrolled immigration is allowed to continue, the larger and more specific the plethora of migrant enclaves we host becomes. We know from the example of many Muslim migrant enclaves that far from the predicted assimilation, a third-generation population actually is less integrated into the mainstream than are more recent newer arrivals, and than were these very communities in their first generation.
It is not merely that integration has completely failed: the very reverse has occurred. Migrant-enclaving has become ever further entrenched. As enclaves have grown in size through so-called chain-migration, natural specialisation by those within the enclave means an ever declining need for the enclave to integrate with the host community at its margins.
Given the huge numbers of people involved, no pessimism of any kind is required to see that what we have here is a social disaster of monumental proportions; and that's even before you take into consideration the great driving force for inter-cultural conflict that is the intrinsically conflictual religion (as scholarship reveals) of Islam. The enclaving of ethnic Africans in parts of London in comparison to much Muslim enclaving looks more like a multi-cultural success story, but as overnight events reveal, this is to say the least superficial. 
To reiterate: the scenario is one of inter-cultural conflict, with ethnicity being merely a marker in all this.
This has been self-inflicted, as it were; that is, inflicted on the rest of us by a government-media-education uber-class that hates the mass of ordinary people through the immense backlash of 'political-correctness' by those of a political-Left mindset who cannot reconcile in their minds their ethos with the refusal by 'the workers' ever to buy revolutionary socialism and 'the progressive project'. It is the greatest political fraud in history: the most spectacular example of taking the ball home and refusing to play. For taking down with them the society that, as any society, would not change into something entirely foreign to human-nature; the malicious fools responsible will be cursed forever.

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