Thursday, November 03, 2011


'Family justice'?! Men remain not second-class but not citizens at all.

The joke of calling the most extreme prejudice towards and discrimination against men "family justice" is underlined by the appalling and unbelievable decision by 'former civil servant' David Norgrove (who?), the chairman of the official review on family justice which is published today, to continue to deny divorced men the most basic right in any society, to a relationship with their own biological children.
This is so fundamental that it thereby discharges men from the duty of upholding any obligations placed upon them by the state.
Why, for example, pay tax to authorities that openly and blatantly attack you and systematically deny your most basic rights?
Why accept conscription in time of war when what men are called to defend is utterly indefensible?
This continued completely unacceptable state of affairs provides the foundation for campaigns against the government: campaigns (and this cannot be said lightly) that could justifiably feature violence.
It really is that bad; that simple.

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