Wednesday, May 09, 2012


'Grooming' young girls is across, not 'within' community: ethnic in-group is the major factor. It's not just Pakistanis, and demonising IS a danger.

An in-group/out-group boundary is the salient but un-stated major factor in the sexual 'grooming' of young girls to then hand round others for sex. Ethnicity cannot but be the profound factor given that ethnicity is the most important in-group marker.
As Martin Narey (the Barnardos chief executive) points out, in the North of England such 'grooming' is "overwhelmingly" by those of certain ethnicities: some African as well as Indian sub-continentals. So it seriously understates the severity of the skew towards ethnic-minority perpetration to focus only on Pakistanis. Not that a focus on Pakistanis does not reveal an extraordinary skew. And note how the BBC suddenly becomes innumerate in failing to factor in that a mere one per cent of the UK population is Pakistani. This renders Pakistani perpetration wildly disproportionate.
The major crime to the PC mindset is to be male, followed by being 'white' – the full complement of attributes of the typical 'worker' in PC conceptualisation. So to be of an ethnic-minority provides a degree of immunity to PC-fascist attack. Hence the efforts made by commentators to portray sexual 'grooming' as supposedly universal, and to be 'within' rather than across community.
The danger is that the PC hegemonic mindset is in line with biologically-based (evolved) extreme prejudice towards the male, so we can now expect yet further ratcheting up of anti-male hysteria re 'grooming'; this being facilitated by absurd age-of-consent laws (18, when the average age of menarche is 11), and entirely ignoring the specific circumstances, including any perspective of the girls involved of genuine relationship, where this is the reality, or part of it.
It should be kept in mind that men in many ethnic-minority enclaves are heavily restricted in their sexual behaviour, so necessarily they are obliged to seek outlet outside their enclave; and that here the great majority of females are 'white'.
It is all too easy to demonise Muslim men generically regarding cross-community sexuality, and therefore it is important to distinguish usual, innocuous behaviour from forced prostitution. Yet this is the very thing that the hegemonic extreme-feminist PC-fascist attitude serves to actively avoid.

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