Thursday, September 20, 2012


Free speech is now dead, UK government today confirmed

Showing himself yet again to be a total idiot, the Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer, stated that 'only' "grossly offensive" comments on social media would be prosecuted. Starmer fails to grasp even the very essence of free speech in his absurd statement. The whole point of free speech laws is to protect what some, many or even most might find grossly offensive.
As is always pointed out when free speech is debated, free speech not worthy of the name is what you have if only mildly offensive comments are tolerated.
Nobody is much bothered by merely mildly offensive remarks, so they hardly need protection.
Yet Starmer is equivocal even on this, when he states: "The fact that offensive remarks may not warrant a full criminal prosecution does not necessarily mean that no action should be taken".
Come again?! Did they recruit this fool from the Stasi?
Much of what I say annoys the hell our of PC-fascists, and it's important that these politico-religious totalitarian nutters are exposed to what they (pretend to) find grossly offensive, because it is then, in their reactions, that they expose themselves for what they are.
What should -- and always has been -- criminal are comments that directly threaten violence. That is where the law should firmly stay. Anything beyond this requires a major public protest to contest it.

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