Tuesday, February 26, 2013


IPCC in denial of the vast scale of fabricated rape allegations

The IPCC's Deborah Glass is thoroughly irresponsible in her conclusion that the Met Police were wrong to encourage rape complainants to withdraw their allegations, when this should be – and in the USA indeed is – standard practice to weed out the very well-known sky-high rate of fabricated rape allegation. The problem in the UK is that the police do nowhere near enough to test women making rape accusations. It is axiomatic that there should be no presumption of 'believing' the victim. Indeed, it is more important to avoid the wrongful conviction of an innocent accused than it is to support the putative victim. Of course, if any police simply excused themselves from bothering to investigate then they should be disciplined; but rigorous testing of the truth of the allegation is a key part of any rape investigation.
     No less a figure within the Met than Ian Blair himself authored a study of specialist rape investigators within the police, revealing that they estimate the incidence of 'false rape' to be between 50% and 70%. Similar surveys around the world come in between 50% and 90%.
     The Home Office's own major research on rape [HORS 196] showed that before huge political pressure was put on police, the 'no-crime' figure was 25% (and it's still over 10% today even after years of persistent attempts to strip the police doing their job), with a further 31% 'no further action'. So even assuming some pretty strange reasons in some of the cases, conservatively 30% or 35% of reported rapes are simply invention.
     Over in the USA, Linda Fairstein, head the New York County District Attorney's Sex Crimes Unit and author of Sexual Violence: Our War Against Rape, concluded that "there are about 4,000 reports of rape each year in Manhattan. Of these, about half simply did not happen."
     Separate research by Professor Keith Soothill here in the UK and Dr Charles McDowell in the USA reveal the often amazingly trivial reasons why girls and women make false allegations, and the often great lengths they go to try to deceive the police.
     It's high time this gigantic fraud was recognised and severe punishments meted out to false accusers. Recently, women at long last have been regularly jailed, but this is often for just months rather than the years the crime deserves by way of deterrence; and still many women are let off with no prison sentence, and very often are not prosecuted at all.
     It's yet another part of the utterly crazy new world we live in through the hegemony of PC-fascism, and which will come crashing down in good time. But more people need to stand up and point to the Emperor's New Clothes.

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