Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Keir Starmer talks harmful ignorant nonsense about false rape allegations, which are in fact a high proportion of formal complaints to police

Contrary to the assertion today by the hapless Director of Public Prosecutions, the incidence of PROSECUTIONS for false rape allegations says little about the ACTUAL INCIDENCE of false rape allegation, which research by the University of Nottingham published last year reveals to be commonplace in the judgement of rape prosecutors and judges, with a high proportion of rape complaints being either 'false accounts' or complete fabrication.
     The vast majority of those making false rape complaints are not prosecuted, owing (1) to the severe political pressure placed on the police and the CPS to pursue every rape complaint taking the side of the complainant irrespective of any merit; and (2) the severe difficulty in being able to prove 'false rape' beyond any reasonable doubt. [Starmer and his ilk complain that the tiny proportion of rape complaints that end in prosecution does not reflect the incidence of rape; so they can't have it both ways.]
     In the estimation of specialist police rape investigators it's 50% to 70% of all cases – and this according to a study by (Sir) Ian Blair, no less.
The first of two major Home Office reports into rape showed that police then 'no-crimed' 25% of all formal allegations of rape, despite the aforesaid most intense inappropriate political pressure. The police would have to be very sure indeed that no rape took place for them to thus categorise. An even larger proportion were categorised under 'no further action'; a proportion of which will also be false allegation. Even under continued sustained political pressure, although 'no criming' has reduced it is still 12%.
Does Keir Starmer know nothing at all about the psychology of bogus complaint?
     Is he unaware of the research of Professor Keith Soothill regarding the astonishing triviality of the motivation of girls and women to fabricate allegations of sexual assault?
     Is he really not au fait with what police specialist rape investigators and his own prosecutors have long said and continue to say about the alarming sky-high incidence of false allegation of rape?
     Has he not read the new criminological paper on the overall conclusions by his own prosecutors that there is indeed a sky-high incidence of 'false accounts' by rape complainants?
     Has he not heard of the phenomenon of 'false memory'?
     It makes you wonder if Keir Starmer has heard anything but the PC-fascist mantras from inside government and hate-mongering government-paid pressure orgs.

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