Monday, March 25, 2013


The useless Lin Homer and her dishonest UKBA, unconvincing mea culpas from political leaders, IPPR misinformation that migrant benefit claims aren't a problem, and David Goodheart not coming quite clean enough

The UKBA deserves nothing less than the opprobrium persistently heaped upon it by the Home Affairs Select Committee; and that certainly goes for Lin Homer, the former UKBA head, who tries to defend the history of deliberately highly inaccurate data on backlogs issued by the UKBA as somehow an inaccurate charge against her. A fine role model for 'women at the top' this 'not fit for purpose' supposed civil servant makes. [The UKBA still do not reveal all of their crytpically named massive backlogs, nor the true scale of those they've lost track of -- let alone the literally millions of illegals, fraudulent supposed legals, and under-the-radar over-stayers they never had any handle on in the first place.]
     It's reassuring to see that I continue to be proved not at all to have over-estimated the depth of the problems, albeit that I'd much rather see a wholesale change in Home Office (and ministerial) culture.
     As well as all of the leaders of the three main political parties making inept speeches pretending to want to do something about unsustainable immigration levels, there is the IPPR 'think [?] tank' yet again proselytising in favour of immigration; this time falsely claiming that there is little abuse of the benefits system by migrants, when the Benefits Agency continues to have no routine means of checking the immigration status of any applicant; and therefore nobody, including the IPPR, has any clue as to the scale of such abuse.
     I see also that former Prospect Magazine editor David Goodheart is again bashing the political-Left from the inside on immigration questions. He's far more convincing in his mea culpa than is Ed Milliband, but as ever he refuses to see the elephant in the room: that the political-Left, of which he has been not a non-prominent part, has long blamed the mass of ordinary people for the Left's own blind acceptance of an impractical ideology. When it didn't work, the group that the ideology was supposed to 'liberate' -- 'the workers' -- instead were turned into the fall guys. With 'the workers' being typically male, 'white' and heterosexual, the replacement groups to be 'liberated' -- the designated new vanguard for social change -- were NON-male, NON-'white', and NON-heterosexual.
     This is the basis of uncontrolled immigration (and extreme feminism, etc), not a conscience on behalf of the world. It's the very sort of elitist-separatist fascism the Left projects on to its opponents -- not least such as myself who persist in pointing all this out. Consistently, all on the Left, not excluding David Goodheart, have been too dishonest to admit that they have been at the heart of this, the greatest political fraud in history; of which they should be made to be deeply ashamed.

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