Wednesday, March 06, 2013


We can always trust DPP Keir Starmer to get it completely wrong.

We can always trust Keir Starmer, the Director of Public Prosecutions, to get it completely wrong.
     The lessons from police-media trawls of celebrities is that innocent people are libelled and have their lives ruined; not that we should follow the lead of the Met
     Police and only listen to putative victims instead of first properly investigating the likely bogus nature of their complaints.
     Look what happened in Portugal when the police and media conspired to trawl for supposed child sex abuse victims of the leader of Portugal's main centre-Left political party and that country's most prominent TV figure. Both were tried, convicted and imprisoned, but four years later they had to be released after the judiciary were forced to admit that the corroboration of a huge number of complainants added up to precisely nothing.
     Mutual corroboration of fiction amounts to fiction, not fact.
     In the UK we saw what happened with the BBC and Lord McAlpine. Now we have the witch-hunt against Stuart Hall, following the likely serious injustices perpetrated against tutors at Cheetham's Music School.
     Does Keir Starmer know nothing at all about the psychology of bogus complaint?
     Has he not heard of the phenomenon of 'false memory'?
     Is he unaware of the research of Professor Keith Soothill regarding the astonishing triviality of the motivation of girls and women to fabricate allegations of sexual assault?
     Is he really not au fait with what police specialist rape investigators and his own prosecutors have long said and continue to say about the alarming sky-high incidence of false allegation of rape? [Surely he's not unfamiliar with the study on this by no less a person that Sir Ian Blair?]
     Has he not read the new criminological paper on the overall conclusions by his own prosecutors that there is indeed a sky-high incidence of 'false accounts' by rape complainants?
     I'll not re-rehearse here my analysis of the absurd witch-hunt against Jimmy Savile – see my earlier blogs posts on this; suffice to say that the test is whether or not someone in Savile's situation could be innocent; and clearly there is a perfect storm of combination of factors that indeed would lead someone in Savile's position to be falsely witch-hunted despite being innocent.
The mind boggles how it is that we have such a total idiot as Keir Starmer in charge of prosecutions in this country.

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