Saturday, April 27, 2013


The Insanity Continued: Charging Max Clifford

With now the ludicrous charging of Max Clifford, we see an even more ultimate insanity of 'guilt by association' -- if only there was any guilt to associate with: the likelihood (as I've explained several times in detail) being no guilt by Savile much beyond being rather a lot of a lad). A police/media witch-hunt trawl was always going to lead to the chief celebrity publicist attracting bogus accusations in the wake of all of the multiple bogus allegations against all sorts of celebrities -- most recently, of all people Rolf Harris.
     In the usual pattern, even the most recent supposed indecent assault by Max Clifford was nearly three decades ago, allowing the accuser to hide behind the complete impossibility of any evidence gathering. The police case rests entirely on the supposed cross-corroboration of seven complainants when a multiplicity of bogus complainants is exactly what would be expected from a police/media celebrity trawl. It's surprising that there are ony seven. The police have no excuse for not understanding this standard dynamic.
     The police are intent on repeating the fantastic miscarriage of justice that occurred recently in Portgual, following a very similar police/media celebrity trawl re supposed child sex abuse. Here a plethora of complaints about the leader of the main centre-Left political party and the nation's most famous TV personality led to them both being imprisoned, only to be released four years later when it was finally admitted that there was zero evidence against anyone – just the cross-corroboration of equally fictitious allegations.
     This witch-hunt hysteria is what happens when totalitarianism runs riot. What we are witnessing are literally show trials as a result of the ubiquity of the new religion of PC-fascism, which is the endgame of political-Left pique at our collective refusal to 'rise up' in their predicted 'revolution' of supposed 'liberation'.
     It is revenge against 'the workers' that the government-media-education uber-class – the supposed intelligentsia (ha!) – stereotype as men (white, heterosexual males – and boys as well as men).
     The more extreme and farcical this unprecedented massive political fraud becomes, the louder will be the enormous crash when inevitably it comes. In the meantime, we should mercilessly take the piss out of all of the fools who make up the 'political class' for their monumental gullibility and rank bad faith.
     How much further has the idiocy of 'Yewtree' left to run? Arresting Steven Hawking? Charging Cliff Richard? Are they going to further trawl re dead people? How about long-dead folk? Winston Churchill? Lloyd George? Oliver Cromwell?

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