Sunday, May 19, 2013 website now fully sorted

The website ( is now fully sorted, with the science journal papers up there and in decent format; more to add shortly.
Here's the text of the front page:
Steve Moxon. Independent researcher/writer re the biological roots of human sociality with a special interest in the sexes
Not sex difference but sex dichotomy: in fundamental motivation, not ability; and it's sex, not gender [sic].
* The biological roots of human sociality with a special interest in the sexes (cross-disciplinary research centred in evolutionary psychology / biological anthropology). There is no such thing anywhere in biology as cross-sex dominance; all being intra-sexual. The human sexes have separate and entirely different social structure and dynamics, with males forming relatively loose ties within a web-like dominance hierarchy, whereas females are closely bonded within a chain-line personal-network.      Mate-value (attractiveness) is also sex-dichotomous: female fertility (youth/beauty), and male rank (status) indicating 'good genes'. All stems from the complementary core function according to sex, that for the female is to accurately assess male 'good genes', and for the male is to mutually compete to express them; in the 'genetic filter' mechanism to deal with accumulated gene-replication error (the fundamental problem for all biological systems, and the foundation of social system).
* PC-fascism ('political correctness'): it's origin, development and manifestation as a major, all-encompassing backlash against ordinary people in general by the 'progressive project' (political-Left) mindset; as a means of salving the 'cognitive-dissonance' caused by the longstanding failure to effect any change according to any 'Marxist' theory, which is now thoroughly discredited by overwhelming counter evidence. The fall-guy being 'the workers', then anyone who fits as the stereotypical 'worker' of old -- male, 'white' (and/or heterosexual) -- is demonised with bogus charges of 'misogyny', 'racism' or 'homophobia' [sic], simply for not being female, non-'white' (and/or homosexual). These ever emptier faux accusations are the hallmark of the PC-fascist -- and are themselves truly misandric, (anti-'white') racist, and heterophobic (as it were) -- with their ubiquity revealing the full mutual co-option of PC-fascism by and of the establishment. It's the ultimate expression of perennial elitist-separatism in the denial that this is what it is and instead pretending egalitarianism; the greatest fraud in history.
Here (below) is a list of some of my science journal review papers and other publications putting forward new evidence-based theory (most available in full text from the row of buttons at the top of this page). These are major composite papers which in due course will generate multiple separate papers according to more specific topic.
BRAND NEW. Moxon SP (2013) Human pair-bonding as primarily a service to the female [in excluding other males of lower (but not higher) mate-value, and a buffer against her own age-related mate-value decline]. New Male Studies 2 (2) 24-38
Moxon SP (2012) The origin of the sexual divide in the 'genetic filter' function: Male disadvantage and why it is not perceived. New Male Studies 1(3) 96-124
NEWLY ADDED. Moxon SP (2012) Submission to the inquiry 'Women in the Workplace', for The Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee, House of Commons. [Find under the button, above, 'Why few women at the top'.]
Moxon SP (2011) Beyond staged retreat behind virtual 'gender paradigm' barricades: The rise and fall of the misrepresentation of partner-violence and its eclipse by an understanding of mate-guarding. Journal of Aggression, Conflict & Peace Research 3(1) 45-54 [Find under the button above, 'domestic violence'.]
Moxon SP (2010) Culture is biology: Why we cannot 'transcend' our genes -- or ourselves. Politics & Culture (journal). Symposium, 'How Is Culture Biological?'
Moxon SP (2009) Dominance as adaptive stressing and ranking of males, serving to allocate reproduction by differential self-suppressed fertility: Towards a fully biological understanding of social systems. Medical Hypotheses 73(1) 5-14
Moxon SP (2008) The Woman Racket: The new science explaining how the sexes relate at work, at play and in society. Imprint Academic. [Book]
Moxon SP (2012) The origin and nature of warfare is not explained but obscured by cultural-anthropological and feminist perspectives, that generate implausible notions of how warfare can be subdued [This paper was in journal peer review but was politically 'spiked' by the cultural anthropologist Douglas Fry, whose position, shared with his protogé, Judith Hand, this paper counters. It is to Hand's political, non-scientific paper that originally this was in reply.] [Find under the button, above, 'Why woman won't whack war'.]
Further review papers and a new book are in preparation. Next will be an overview of ostensible inter-sexual competition, revealing it to be intra-sexual competition and inter-sexual sexual display. There has been so much development in the science that a major cross-disciplinary overview is needed rather than an update of The Woman Racket.
Unrelated to any of the science is research into mythology:
Robin UnHooded is the first-ever etymological investigation into the origin of Robin Hood mythology -- RH obviously not being a real personage. The conclusion is that it is clearly ancient and not medieval: 'Celtic'; specifically (Scottish) Gaelic rodaidh, diminutive of ruadhrí, 'red king'; the mythic figure who sacrifices himself because his regal blood is required to be shed on to the land to ensure its fertility. This etymology seems to have become conflated with the construction denoting the deity to whom the sacrifice is made: rìbhinn (rìgh-beann), 'king-wife', meaning 'maiden-queen', denoting the Celtic deity Bríd (Bríg, Brighid). This was later qualified by hood from Welsh hud, 'magic', 'fairy', in the sense of 'devil' -- 'the old religion'.
The Dragon of Wantley overturns the longstanding theory of the origin of what was England's most famous dragon legend. The early-modern ballad was not to do with the Wortley Lords but the Counter-Reformation, involving a law suit initiated and conducted solely by George More of Sheffield. There are localised mythological roots in 'Celtic' serpent and, it seems, 'water-monster' place-namings, with a medieval 'dragon v knight' overlay through the local presence of the Knights Hospitallers of St John of Jerusalem. [An expanded version of an article in the June-September Stirrings Magazine will appear here some time after June 1.

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