Friday, May 03, 2013


What the UKIP breakthrough represents.

The political class of course wish to mis-portray the UKIP breakthrough as 'protest vote' and/or specific voter concern re immigration, but they're wrong. It's neither (albeit additionally a bit of both). It's permanent disaffection from PC-fascist mainstream politics – not that too many folk even understand what PC-fascism is and where it came from: they just have an instinctive nous that it's nasty, elitist and separatist. They could not be more right.
     The BBC's Nick Robinson asked the question as to the permanency of the UKIP phenomenon, failing to point out that there are plenty more most-likely UKIP voters amongst the large majority who are so utterly disillusioned with the 'big three' PC-fascist dinosaur parties of the elective dictatorship that they didn't bother to vote at all.
     If they had realised that a UKIP vote is no longer a 'wasted' one, then very many more would have ventured to the polling stations -- easily increasing the quarter-share of the turnout to eclipse Labour's share, which anyway was only 5% o 6% ahead of UKIP's. People won't make that mistake in future, and in any case next year UKIP will easily top the poll in the Euro elections, providing huge momentum.
     What's so refreshing to everyone is that in Nigel Farage for once there's a politician who isn't just yet another jumped-up parliamentary researcher so full of esoteric but out-dated political bullshit as to be clueless about the world, with a totally on-the-make attitude to live-or-die as a political animal; but who is instead a complete non-careerist genuine bloke. Boris with sense. And the one-man-band jibe falls flat with Paul Nuttall – a compelling working-class Liverpudlian – as the deputy leader, and the woman who so convincingly contested the Eastleigh by-election, Diane James.
     The next few years surely will see the death of respectability for PC-fascism in mainstream politics as the three dinosaur political parties continue their remorseless haemorrhaging of members and funding to the point where they simply cannot mount decent campaigning.
     Voting for 'none of the bastards' will come to mean something else than staying at home instead of voting, or deliberately spoiling the ballot paper.
     The only risk is that in trying to avoid the usual 'triangulation' by PC-fascists to bogusly accuse anyone and everyone of being an 'extremist', that UKIP does not itself let in PC-fascism by the back door. The Party needs to focus on outing PC for what it is -- indeed, to take on board what is after all the accepted scholarship on PC that I have cited and to which I've myself contributed; and, as I pointed out, in being cited by Anders Breivik is not somehow poisoned in guilt-by-association as the political-Left want us all to emote.

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