Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Kent Police ACCURATELY record rape: the problem is the Home Office and the media

Contrary to media reports, Kent Police ACCURATELY recorded 30% of rape complaints as false.
They provided a full breakdown after a Freedom of Information request.
Total rape complaints: 425
Of these, 134 were 'no crimed'.
Of the 'no crimed', 46 were admitted false allegation, 74 were 'sufficient evidence to disprove allegation', and 3 were a 'genuine mistake' by the complainant.
A remaining 10 included 6 which were rapes that took place outside Kent and therefore not dealt with.
Subtracting the miscellaneous 10 from the 134 'no crime' total, you get 124, which divided by the rape complaints total of 425 gives you 29%: the accurate proportion of 'false rape' which is proven or provable as such.
With this being only the 'false rape' which is known about, then to this must be added an estimate of the proportion of cases recorded under 'no further action' that would also be 'false rape', but which the police missed as such.
Even conservatively, then, 40% of formal rape complaints to police are bogus, but it is likely much higher -- more in line with (Sir) Ian Blair's own study of the estimates by rape investigators in England and Wales: 50% to 70%. And even this may be an under-estimate, of course (research showing that even the most seasoned rape investigators are regularly taken in by women making wholly false allegations).
Of course, the Home Office has long insisted that ONLY complaints where the complainant herself admits fabrication can be 'no crimed'; so Kent Police have put up a brave two fingers (er, one finger if you're in the USA) to the Gnome Office, by also including those cases in which they are sure they have enough evidence against the complainant to disprove her claim.
Self-evidently, Kent Police are accurately recording 'false rape', whereas the Home Office is fervently trying to disguise the scale of it.
-- As the researcher Belinda Brookes-Gordon commented: the commissioning and interpretation of research at the Home Office is by "a separatist-feminist cabal".

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