Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Rape show trials: DPP Keir Starmer should resign for the malicious prosecution of Michael Le Vell

The malicious prosecution of the Coronation Street actor, Michael La Vell, should result in the sacking of the ever stupid Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer, for presiding over 'show trials' that are what we now have in rape and sexual abuse cases. The justice system is now shown to be completely politically compromised by the now hegemonic new religion of PC: PC-fascism, indeed.
     There was absolutely zero evidence of any kind against La Vell; not even a smidgen of circumstantial evidence. There was, therefore, no basis whatsoever of a trial. He was, simply, male. That was his crime.
     What we have here is the assumption that any putative victim – any accuser – must at all times and in all circumstances be believed, with the accused assumed to be guilty.
     The CPS' behaviour is made still worse, and particularly so, when you consider that the accuser had attended an event which was all too obviously likely to provoke a 'false memory' of child sexual abuse, and this was evident immediately upon her return home from the event. It is beyond belief that the CPS ignored this and nevertheless went ahead.
     We are still in the bizarre hysterical world of the entirely bogus 'satanic ritual sex abuse' cases of two decades ago, that the media and the judiciary and social work profession were all fully taken in by, but which turned out to be 100% nonsense. Now, however, there is no need for the stark anti-male prejudice to be dressed up in some way. Any male is fair game.
     The proportion of rape allegations to police that are false is conservatively 35% – see previous posts re this – but likely to be far higher. On this basis there should be the very opposite concern by the CPS: to ensure that trials go forward only when there is very clear evidence to justify it. There must be a large number of men wrongly convicted by juries who accept circumstantial instead of actual evidence; such is the hysteria over rape and sexual abuse.
     Celebrity combined with police/media trawling is very well known to be the toxic mix that leads to multiple complainants coming forward who on no basis are simply assumed to cross-corroborate each other. Shit multiplied by x amount of similar shit = shit. It does not = evidence. This is why we have the current nonsense of the Rolf Harris case and those of several other celebrities, and what happened in Portugal simultaneously to that nation's principal TV anchor and leader of the main centre-left political party. Both were convicted and served four years in jail before it was realised there was no evidence at all against them, and their convictions were quashed.
     Michael La Vell should sue the CPS and police for malicious prosecution.
     The obscenity of automatic assumption of male guilt will appear to our descendants as an absolutely astonishing travesty for what is supposed to be a civilised society. The  Salem witch trials revisited.

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