Wednesday, October 02, 2013


Ed Hates Britain? Well, Mr Millipede hates the mass of ordinary people

Whether or not Ed Millipede can be said to hate Britain, he certainly hates or has a dismissive contempt for the mass of ordinary British people in his extreme politics he shares in the PC mainstream of political-Left 'thinking'.
     As I've regularly outlined, PC is rooted in and developed as the crudest blame-shifting exercise to cover for the failure of Marxism in practice. Instead of blaming the non- – actually anti- – scientific theory and the gullibility of those with a political-Left mindset in swallowing it, it is no surprise (given it's a standard piece of human psychology) that left to carry the can were and are those who were supposed to benefit but chose to look the gift-horse in the mouth: the mass of ordinary people. 'The workers'. Stereotypically these are men … 'white' men … heterosexual 'white' men. Hence the silly pseudo-'disadvantaged' PC-identified manufactured supposed 'groups' of women, ethnic-minorities and gays/lesbians – and, still more laughably, trans-sexuals; and yet more laughably still, the obese (hence 'fat studies' to join 'queer studies', 'women's studies', etc).
     It really is that crude. Indeed, the politics is so utterly stupid that only the deeply crass has a chance of being at the bottom of explaining it. It's the old one about lying. If you're going to lie, then you'd be best making it really big. Successful lies are so big that people can hardly believe the audacity of perpetrating them.
     Of course, this is insight-non-grata in most of the media, and the Boob especially. So after decades of endless bogus accusation by the political-Left of hatred towards PC-identified 'minorities', yesterday there was a vicious backlash against the fingering of Ed Millipede's elitist-separatist contempt for the public. It was quite hilarious seeing, on the Boob's Newsnight, attack-dog Alistair Campbell reverting to his ministry-of-rebuttal days, and adopting the tried-and-tested tactic of refusing to let anyone get a word in edgeways (as I had used against the appalling Fiona McTaggert on the same programme strand). Of all people, Alistair Campbell is in no position to give anyone lectures about misrepresentation and bullying to the point of spreading poison.

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