Sunday, November 17, 2013


David Blunket's Enoch stance hypocrisy

It evokes a wry smile that Labour's deliberate multi-million migrant dumping programme has come back to bite former Home Secretary David Blunkett on his backside in his own backyard of the Sheffield Brightside constituency.
     You know … that accidentally-on-purpose importation of millions for the risible 'reason' "to rub the noses of the Right in diversity", which Blunkett himself and now Jack Straw have pretended was merely a catastrophic 'mistake'.
     The ideological nutters allowed themselves to be blinded as to a most basic universal human attribute: in-group/out-group psychology.
     Far from just those who happen to be 'white' being averse to having their communities buggered up, ethnic minorities feel very much the same way about the places their influx effectively buggered-up. Surprise, surprise. Perhaps now the political-Left might reflect that the stereotype they made and hold of 'the workers' ('white' males) as the totem group object of their contempt and hatred, does not remove the fact that even 'whites' are human. Some hope. Apparently it's acceptable for an ethnic minority group to be on the verge of riot, when of course it is deemed never acceptable for 'whites' to so much as gather beneath an EDL banner. The PC-fascist's usual double-standard.
     Migrants themselves always resent more recent migrants. That's why BBC Newsnight goes to canvass the views of more established migrants, such as Birmingham Asians, when they want to gauge the depth of negative reaction to yet further immigration.
     Here in Sheffield, we now have one lot of migrants we never needed nor wanted resenting a newer lot of migrants we neither needed not wanted. Pakistanis, who arrived to man already over-manned and uncompetitive steel mills, resent Roma, who arrived to fill … actually no jobs that couldn't be filled by locals, if there are any jobs at all -- even assuming they don't prefer to work in the black economy, or not to work at all and just claim benefits (re which, btw, the Government hasn't a clue, because the DWP doesn't have a routine system to check migration status, and they don't bother to keep stats!). And Mr Blunkett might care to see how his Somalian buddies are regarded in places within his constituency they've made their little ghettos.
     In Leicester, where I used to live before returning to South Yorkshire, it seemed to be some Asian groups resenting Bengalis (the latest wave of Asian influx); though more so Afro-Caribbeans resenting Asians – the only unmistakable racism I ever saw in inner city Leicester (the central Highfields area) was in local 'corner' shops, when some Afro-Caribbean individual would abuse a shopkeeper simply because he was Asian – a more recent migrant than those of her/his own group.
     Of course, the overt antagonisms such as there is now in the Page Hall area of Sheffield is just the very tip of the iceberg of wholesale alienation driven in particular by mass immigration. A key driver of the withdrawal of consent for government to confiscate and redistribute, ultimately it drives everyone away from what Labour in particular supposedly stands for. So the PC-fascist contempt Lib/Lab/Con have for us all is self-perpetuating. These political fraudsters will always masquerade as more community orientated than the masses, in their exercise of elitist-separatism in the form of competitive altruism. It's only a matter of time, though, before 'the penny drops' and what hitherto has been merely the majority disengagement from politics morphs into more open hostility towards the political class and their apologists.

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