Friday, May 09, 2014


Kirsty Wark's warped invention of 'the new battle of the sexes' on Boob2 last night

Newsnight presenter Kirsty Wark's warped documentary 'Blurred Lines: the New Battle of the Sexes' is a renewed attempt to invent a sex war when it doesn't exist.
This documentary completely falls foul of the BBC's remit re accuracy, bias, etc.
Wark's central assertion that misogyny [sic] is a growing phenomenon neglects to point out that misogyny [sic] even as any sort of existing, let alone growing phenomenon has no basis in any scientific or other objective analysis; being an extreme ideological notion severely prejudiced against boys/men and to further over-privilege girls/women..
It's nonsense to assert as 'sexism' not to see a need for 'equal representation' of women in parliament and men re housework when there are profound reasons well understood in science disciplines why the sexes never have (and never will) behave in similar ways.
Internet trolling is not due to misogyny [sic] but a critical mass of individuals no longer putting up with fatuous extreme-feminist cant; instead seeking to provoke a manufactured 'taking offence'.
The line that men supposedly are angry/fearful of women is a failure to understand the perennial ubiquitous deep-seated prejudices of being pro-female (because the female is the limiting factor in reproduction) and anti-male (through the basis of social system in controlling male access to sex). A 'runaway' over-privileging of the female and the obverse re the male leads to no set of circumstances where even the most obvious male disadvantage and female privilege is not inverted to be misperceived as the opposite.
The assertion that there exists a "new misogyny" is the death throes of a wilfully ignorant quasi-religious ideology of extreme feminism.
This documentary programme wholly contradicts any conceivable 'public service' remit.

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