Saturday, May 24, 2014


The UKIP surge: It's far worse for the same-old-crap parties than they imagine

The political commentariat still cling to what for them is the useful self-delusion that defection to UKIP is either specifically re immigration and the EU and/or a general usual protest against incumbent politicians for being out-of-touch. It is much more than this, and only the start. Ordinary people are reacting not merely to being ignored by the government-media-education uber-class, but to actively being hated by them. People understand that they are hated, but as yet they haven't realised WHY.
     Here's the 'why':
     Ordinary people in the mindset of the political-Left -- which in the guise of 'modernisation' is now the ethos of the entire establishment, not least the Lie/Con/Dem same-old-crap political parties -- are 'the workers' of old who declined to 'rise up' in the predicted and prescribed Marxist revolution. 'The workers', stereotyped as male, 'white' and heterosexual, have been inverted in political-Left imagination to the NON-male (women), the NON-'white' (ethnic-minority) and the NON-heterosexual (homosexual), to become the new abstract categories of a replacement 'deserving poor' (the disadvantaged and discriminated against) worthy of being 'liberated'.
     Through the notion of 'intersectionality' – the cross-over of these abstract categories – there is a hierarchy of those who are deemed beyond criticism and the only authorities when it comes to 'power' relations: who is downtrodden and who is privileged. To criticise women or 'blacks' or 'gays' is deemed beyond the pale by the new thought-police enforcement ideology of 'political correctness'. Top of those given this protection comes a lesbian, 'black' woman. [That joke about the disabled 'black' woman actually is spot on – disability, as with trans-sexuality being recent extensions of these categorisations; the latest being the fat.] At the very bottom, excluded from any consideration at all is the male 'white' heterosexual, who, are not only now seen as unworthy of being 'liberated', but have become in political-Left delusional extremism the 'new 'boss' class to hate as the new 'oppressors'.
     Indeed, with the rapprochement in 'modernisation; between the anyway out-dated opposite poles of the Left-Right continuum of 'the market' and 'equality of outcome', the masses (ordinary people, aka 'the workers' of old) now outdo 'the bosses' as the target of political-class contemporary and – literally – hatred.
     This is the 'identity politics' totalitarian hegemony in which well all now live, where 'identity politics' and its 'PC' enforcement completely dominates contemporary politics and informs all policy decisions.
     Of course, all this is denied. 'Far too simplistic', the political class will try to knee-jerk defend. But it is not simplistic. The history of the origin and development of these rabidly stupid political notions is very well documented.
     People in general have not woken up to any of this yet. But when they do, these initial defections to UKIP we have seen in the local authority elections this year – never mind what we are about to see with the Euro election results – will be as a firework to the volcano of what likely will then materialise.
     We live in (truly) interesting times.

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