Thursday, June 12, 2014


Home Office axing all checks re borders YET AGAIN

So the Gnome Orifice is at it yet again.
     It is absolutely standard at the Home Office that they have no planning to deal with huge accumulations of applications re migration – whether it's visas, passports, or whatever – and then they are left with no other course but to completely eliminate all checks: ALL checks, of any kind. Rubber-stamping all applications as valid, irrespective of how fraudulent they are.
     Of course, there is the 'watching their backs' ruse of making what they well know is the wholly empty claim that there is no threat to security or integrity of the system in doing this. They are very well practised in all this abuse: they fully know that there is no system worthy of the name in the first place re our borders.
     So it was that again they used standard weasel words: to "enable overseas applications to be processed more quickly without compromising the quality and security of either the process or the passport".
     The reason they continue, as ever, with this abomination is that the Gnome Orifice firmly believes that (1) movements across borders are in all respects not possible to control, and (2) that the political imperatives of 'identity politics' (enforced by the 'political correctness' ethos) in any case means that UK citizens are in no way privileged over any other citizen of any other nation in the world.
     It really is THAT stupid.
     To say that the Home Office is in all its facets – not the least re its pernicious impact on jurisprudence – is dysfunctional and 'not fit for purpose' is now so long a firm part of the national fabric that nothing registers any more. Just how the total wankers at the Gnome Orifice would like it.

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