Wednesday, July 09, 2014


The Home Office won't let the Home Secretary see its own report on the paedophile fiasco

The latest Home Office scandal – and I'll come on to the passport mess; that was earlier this week – about losing files about paedophiles in government, turned to utter farce yesterday with the Home Office permanent secretary, Mark Sedwill, stating that it was "not appropriate" that Teresa May or her advisers should see the full report into the Home Office's handling of paedophile allegations!
     Come again? He had shared with Mrs May only the summary and broad conclusions. Now, the Home Office is famous for the conclusions in its research reports bearing little if any relation to content. So we don't need a new investigation – certainly not one headed by the establishment creep who presided over the appalling man-hating obscenity that is the family court system -- we just need the Home Office to hand over its own report to the Home Secretary. The report must contain something important, or else why otherwise would the clown at the top of the rotten organisation be hiding it?!
     The 114 missing files (and the rest) date back to the 1990s (not just to the 1980s, when Geoffrey Dickens sent in his dossier) and therefore there will have been 'PC' considerations. The Home Office had been made the lead organisation in government for equal opps & diversity, and homosexuals are a group identified in 'identity politics' as 'disadvantaged' and 'oppressed' – and, for once, the numptie theory got it half-right: male (but not female) homosexuals really were. This is why the 'Paedophile Information Exchange' [PIE] was courted (as it was by Liberty): two-thirds of PIE were male homosexuals (as revealed in a science paper investigating paedophilia, which used PIE members as its subjects). Scientific research reveals that about a third of paedophiles are homosexual. So it was not merely a case, as Norman Tebbitt has claimed, of protecting the establishment: it was a case at least in part of protecting the new establishment ethos of 'PC'-enforced 'identity politics – the new fascism.
     The Elms House scandal may be more about hebephilia than paedophilia per se (the boys involved seem to have been young teens in the main, and therefore peri- or post-pubertal, with the youngest supposedly aged 10), but either way, this is not at all akin to the despicable Yewtree witch-hunt police/media 'trawling' of celebrities to trump up or inflate supposed sexual misdemeanour to bring about bogus convictions on no evidence or to unjustifiably trash the reputations of the dead. This seems to be a real cover-up of actual abuse.
     We can expect, as ever, the Home Office to continue its perennial sole tactic of denying and yet more denying, even when it's undeniable. We saw just this at the start of this week when a front-line passport office caseworker went on record anonymously to give a detailed statement about the woeful chaos in her office. He/she would have no other choice, because to raise issue internally is to be completely ignored, and to become a 'whistle blower is to have your career terminated. She revealed that untrained staff posed a serious security issue, that there were massive un-acknowledged backlogs of passport applications filling meeting rooms (all the windows are taped up to prevent press images), and a totally failed system with demoralised staff. The Home Office response was to categorically state that these were "false allegations". As ever, totally unconvincing blanket denial instead of addressing concerns by the very people best placed to raise them.

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