Sunday, August 17, 2014


The cops and the BBC in cahoots to manufacture bogus allegations against Cliff Richard

The witch-hunt in the name of misandry – hated towards men – that is Yewtree just got still crazier, if that's possible. The BBC is again in cahoots with the police to manufacture bogus allegations; this time against Cliff Richard. The denial from South Yorkshire Police is hilarious: directly or indirectly, the leak to media can only have come from them. That's why they've got their oar in quick with a complaint to the DG of the Boob.
     The Boob were there ahead of the arrival of the police to film and broadcast what amounts to a high-profile appeal for any fantasist, disgruntled one-time wannabe girlfriend, deluded fan with an embellished memory, etc, to come forward with some flimsy allegation; so that a set of entirely non-evidenced accusations can be passed to the witch-finder general heading the CPS, Alison Saunders, for her to practise her sex-hatred and get the CPS brownie-points for being such good PC-fascists.
     Do any of these malicious idiots in the media and police think to imagine how they are going to look in a few years time when Yewtree comes to be seen as a rekindling of the ridiculous satanic ritual child sex abuse delusions of twenty years ago?
     In the glare of the celebrity spotlight for seven decades, if there was anything at all in the rumours that Cliff doesn't prefer tennis to sex, then we'd have long since heard of it, and big time. There has never been anything in the longstanding inference that he must be 'gay', let alone that he's a 'gay' 'paedophile' – the Chinese-whisper that he was a regular at Elms House protected by a nickname is just that … standard Chinese whisper. It could not be clearer that Cliff has no interest in sex. Nobody in all those decades has ever come forward with the slightest evidence that other than his long-confessed virginity-losing one-off encounter with a girl who later became the wife of one of his band, that Cliff just doesn't do sex. He's too picky, too wary of the loss of freedom, and brim-full with religious morality. He got to be a huge star, and his constant drive to get there and stay up there has taken over his life to put himself pretty much out of everyone's league. It's not at all that he's anti-social: he hates being alone; which is why he had a live-in pal – who was there with his wife. But being different is no crime. Actually, it's great he's different.
     Meanwhile, Rolf is rightly appealing his ridiculous conviction, which even with our laughable judicial system is set to be overturned given the complete absence of evidence against him re the set of mere allegations he faced.
     I joked before as to what unlikely target they'll choose next. Well, I guessed Cliff and they took me at my word. I also guessed Sooty and Lenny the Lion. What's the odds on Alison Saunders not giving some numptie cops the go-ahead to take to trial puppeteers for supposedly putting their hand up more than their puppet?
     We live in interesting times set to change and consign this sort of ignorant malicious horseshit to the dustbin of history, but in the meantime we live in times so daft as to utterly beggar belief.

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