Tuesday, August 26, 2014


The 'identity politics' obscenities in the Rotherham Pakistani gang-rape culture scandal

The Pakistani-on-'white' gang-rape culture further revealed in Rotherham – already officially well known back in 2002 and the subject of two reports – is a window on the core reality of forced sex (that is, rape as popularly well understood, and not the usually cross-signals or retrospective withdrawal of consent that is most 'acquaintance rape'): it occurs across a major in-group/ out-group divide. 'Normal' males do not appear to force sex on females within what they perceive to be their own community. Yes, in certain scenarios, such as a war theatre, given certain conditions men may force sex when the target would be clearly belonging to a very distinct out-group (not the sort of arbitrary 'minimal' group created in social psychology experiments). 'White' girls were not part of the community of these Pakistani men, as they perceived things; and evidently were regarded as 'fair game' -- like ISIS warriors view non-Wahhabi females.
     What a wonderful product of the imposition of non-needed and non-desired immigration of people of at least in some senses an alien culture, 'socially engineered' by politicians motivated by hatred for the masses in their 'identity politics' (/'PC'). 
     As highlighted in the report, and as everyone knows would always have been the case, the 'race card' was shown to anyone so much as hinting they might make a fuss about people who, though of the politically hated class 'men', happened to be of an ethnic minority. The critical factor in why the problem persisted unaddressed for so long is the 'identity politics' (/'PC') imperative not to raise an issue in respect of a 'group' identified as 'disadvantaged' and 'oppressed'.
     Yet … and yet, there is another major factor at play here. The hysteria over supposed child sex abuse in the wake of the appalling travesties of justice that is Yewtree – and not excluding Savile himself – almost certainly will have hugely inflated the figures given as to the scale of what has gone on in Rotherham.
     Then there is the wanton abuse of the term 'paedophile', when this rests on the politically-driven redefinition of 'child' to include females several years over the age of puberty and therefore by meaningful definition not children at all; and on the persistent wilful failure to understand that the term refers to an exclusive sexual preference.
     It will in time come to be a staple of comic turns that 'identity politics' /'PC' works in its 'intersectionality' [sic] to heap malicious farce upon malicious farce, such that the absurd politics turns on its own faux 'groups' just as in its creation it turned on 'the workers', formerly lauded but then shunned and abused for not swallowing the political baloney. Not, though, I would suppose, until after the whole thing has blown up in the faces of the bigoted elitist-separatist political-Left fools who built the obscene politics that has led to such 'community' disaster, that any other sort of fool could see coming decades ago.

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