Wednesday, April 08, 2015


[Re-post] The daft farrago over Farage's call for employers to not preferentially out-source outside the UK, and to scrap totalitarian equality law

[Re-posted because of junk imposter mailing]
Predictably political class establishment figures have shown themselves to be the rabid bigots they are in attacking Nigel Farage's call for employers to preferentially employ the UK-born, and – even aside from this being misrepresentation – to get rid of some of the equality legislation.
    Out-sourcing abroad by employees seriously undermines the employment, pay and training opportunities of UK-born individuals, 'black' and 'white' – and especially relatively recently arrived migrants. It's nothing to do with 'race' It's a no-brainer. Even the Gorgon Brown called for "British jobs for British workers" (before he called "that woman" "bigoted" for having the same opinion).
     The farrago is more over a question to the UKIP leader about what might be the future in "UKIP land"; that is not what is likely to be in the next or any near-future UKIP manifesto; but anyway is hardly less of a no-brainer. 'Equal opportunities and diversity' [sic] is a farce, and it is about de facto quotas and not mere 'positive discrimination'.
     Not only is the legislation over-zealous, open to abuse, out-dated, and geared to looking in the wrong places – 'racism' being 'in-group love' rather than 'out-group hate', is therefore more apparent from migrant enclaves rather than to them: an issue more of 'ethnic'-on-'white and inter-ethnic – but it is the product of 'identity politics' totalitarianism, which is based not at all on any sort of consideration for minorities but on contempt for and hatred towards the mass of ordinary people. [See my paper on this:]
     Liebore politicians have the gall to accuse the UKIP leader of "breathtaking ignorance", when this charge can squarely be levelled at them.

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