Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Lunacy in Asylum

The stupidity of the ever more stupid immigration disaster is there for all to see in its latest instalment, where people coming from secure refugee camps are allowed to claim asylum, not in the first country they come to (as the international asylum agreement stipulates), nor in any of a chain of countries through which they have passed, but in an EU country; so that entry is gained in turn to a more prosperous EU nation crazy enough to sustain the expense and impact of yet further destruction of social capital, overwhelming of infrastructure, and conversion of a high- to a low-wage/skill economy. None of these people meet asylum criteria – not the Syrians, let alone the huge numbers pretending to be Syrian; and certainly not the enormous numbers of Africans. The EU is 100% incompetent and 100% clueless as to what to do – about how even to discuss what to do. Thus is revealed still further the complete bankruptcy of the EU as being fit for anything – as if the terminal Euro catastrophy wasn't enough.
     The root cause of mass migration is over-population. There are hundreds of millions more people in Islamic countries than possibly they can sustain, leaving huge numbers of males with no way of earning a living and raising a family. Such is the classic recipe for war. So how do you make this problem ever worse? Remove the feedback pressure that would lead to lowered fertility and population by accepting as 'refugees' [sic] anyone and everyone! War is not the root of migration, but a symptom of underlying causes.
     Over-population is not addressed by migration but by the very opposite. The natural pressures on a population too large for its ecological niche will result in a lowered fertility rate. On top of the crazy notion of allowing and facilitating mass uncontrolled migration, the very people profiting from this (the people smugglers) are the very people who translate over-population into warfare. The EU is as good as bankrolling 'Islamic State' [sic].
     And how do you make much worse the tragedy of thousands of boat people drowning in the Med? By accepting them as migrants when they make landfall, of course. Ever more then make the journey; and in consequence ever more drown. It's imperative to do as the Australians do and simply not allow them in. Very quickly this fed back to dissuade anyone from attempting to get on a boat.
     How crass are governments to swing with knee-jerk public opinion on the first broadcast photo of a dead toddler?
     UK cities like Sheffield (where I live) already have been turned into dumps for 'refugees' [sic] from alien cultures. Volunteers from 'work experience' course/placements sent to help on programmes to settle these people and teach them basics of English, computing and jobsearch nearly all tell stores of often at best grudging compliance if not contemptuous behaviour, and near zero learning. Yet the political-Left's hatred of us continues to call for our swamping – and that is an apposite term – by the continuation of this deliberately anti-democratic and anti-social policy.
     People don't hate migrants – landmark research shows that in-grouping psychology is all about in-group 'love; and not out-group 'hate'. They hate the politicians who parade their 'I'm more moral than you' fraud in hailing uncontrolled mass migration as somehow positive when everyone can see and feel that to be utter horseshit. Everyone knows that mass uncontrolled immigration is designed to show hatred towards them, and struggle to fathom why. They can't see why the elitist-separatist Left could be quite so appalling, out of all proportion to anything they see from ordinary people. Perhaps they will come to understand the torment in the feeble minds of the Left between their elitist-separatism and their denial of it – and 'projection' on to everyone else. But not knowing such compete twats in their normal social world, will they ever twig?

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