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[Re-post] BBC hate-mongering towards men YET AGAIN in its wholesale most serious misrepresentation of domestic violence

[Re-post due to imposter ad postings despite password changes]
As ever on the notoriously non- and indeed anti-scientific BBC, the reality of intimate-partner violence -- domestic violence -- was nowhere to be seen in the entire hour of the BBC2 documentary last night, Love You To Death.
The feminist mantra of seven women are killed every month is never balanced by mention that almost as many men are killed by their female partners each month. Never either is it pointed out that this near parity is despite most modes of killing being far harder for a woman to carry out than for a man; nor that men are generally far more violent, and through being far more likely to abuse alcohol may be violent by displacement rather than by intent.
The evidence now is overwhelming that it's not merely that women also perpetrate domestic violence but that in fact they perpetrate substantially more than do men; and especially so when it is unilateral and/or of a serious level. [See my several major published review papers on intimate-partner violence in The Journal of Aggression, Conflict & Peace Research and New Male Studies; all available in full text at my own website,]
As everyone accurately intuits, experiments clearly show that men tend to 'hold back' from physically aggressing in any situation where a female would be the target. In total contrast, females -- women and girls -- actively prefer the use of physical violence as their mode of aggression specifically in a couple context. This is true both against men in the heterosexual relationships of females and against women in their homosexual relationships; indeed, the lesbian couple is by far the most violent type of relationship.
This true picture, as opposed to the one near universally mis-portrayed in the ideologically-hobbled media, is apparent in the DV-related injury statistics -- and even in the spousal homicide figures. If it were assumed that DV/IPV perpetration was of a similar extent by men and women, then considering female anatomical relative fragility and vastly greater male punching power, then it would be expected that 95% of all injuries (whether considering all, including minor, or only the serious) would be sustained by women. Yet instead of this 20:1 ratio, it's actually at most 3:2, and in some studies parity or actually reversed – this notably re serious injury. Regarding partner homicide, males make up close to half of all victims. These astonishing data sets can be explained only by a very large preponderance of female DV/PV perpetration, with males being far and away the larger victim group.
There are many more lines of evidence converging on this conclusion -- see my review papers. Not least, the overall firm conclusion that pair-bonding evolved in the female interest provides the very strong motivation for women, compared to men, to seek to 'control' their partners and if necessary to resort to violence to this end.
What is particularly clear is that every tenet by feminists on this topic is either false or, more usually, not merely false but upside-down.
What, in their most malicious and idiotic imagination, is the BBC doing in commissioning, making and transmitting a programme about domestic violence which contains solely stories about female victims and male perpetrators?! It is nothing less than the most virulent anti-male sex-hatred, driven by totalitarian 'identity politics'; the great backlash against the masses by the political-Left. [See my paper on the origin of 'identity politics' and 'PC'.].
Yet this is business as usual at the BBC, and notwithstanding many many formal detailed complaints. The BBC complaints procedure is moribund, the extremist politics intransigent. There is no hope of reform.
Nothing could better show the BBC to be entirely incapable of abiding by its own charter and its own guidelines for producers. It should not be allowed to continue to receive public funding.

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