Tuesday, January 19, 2016


[Re-post] Sexual assault across Europe IS a problem of immigration, though because of the in-group / out-group boundary generically between any major alien ethnicity/culture and the host community, NOT because of the particular nature of the migrant group(s)

[Re-post due to imposter ad postings despite password changes]

The key fact missed in all commentary on the now apparently Europe-wide city centre instances of New Year mass sexual assault and rape, is that they exclusively occurred through the presence of a major in-group / out-group boundary.
     Men are not disposed to even consider sexual assault of a non-intimate unless there is a profound non-identification with the would-be victim. It's a between-community phenomenon. This is why rape often becomes a major issue in war – where women are still much better off than are men, of course, in that the men get killed rather than raped, whereas the women are either left alone or possibly raped and rarely killed. As in war theatres, so in migration, at the boundary between migrant enclave and the host community.
     The very low incidence of 'stranger' rape generally within communities – not least in Islamic communities – shows clearly that it is not a problem of any sort of supposed general attitude towards women. There is no 'misogyny' by men: not even in Islamic nations.
     The notion of 'misogyny' is feminist invention as a mirror-image 'projection' of feminists – and indeed generally – in misandry: the contempt for or hatred towards men. This is the real fundamental deep prejudice in all cultures at all points in history, stemming as it does from the core biological imperative to control male access to sex. Germaine Greer got it 100% backwards.
     Muslim men do not display inordinate 'control' over women. Face/body veiling is a female intra-sexual practice that is an expression of female intra-sexual competition for pair-bond partners, which then also became an in-group marker. Historically, women obliged men in their civic role to assist in 'policing' the ubiquity of the practice. Likewise with penalties for adultery, etc. Contrary to Western perception, punishments such as stoning and 'honour crime' are not a matter of male perpetration and female victimhood: both sexes are either equally dealt with or more men than women are punished. 'Honour crime' is notoriously misrepresented because male victims are not recorded. In media, of course women victims are news, but male victims are not.
     So it is not the particular nature of migrants -- some group rather than another -- that is the problem but migration itself, in general, when, as is usually the case, there is some major ethnic and/or cultural divide with the host community.
     As ever, then, the Left – and that means all media and all government political parties – get it spectacularly wrong in not understanding that it IS migration here that is the key to the problem, and not understanding either that it is migration by ethnic/cultural aliens generically and not of Muslims per se
     To stop still further mushrooming of 'stranger' sexual assault and rape, then we will have to stop mass immigration of markedly contrasting peoples in terms of ethnicity and/or culture.
     Of course, the problem won't go away, because of all those the Left already has brought in by the million. The police have long been told – and have internalised – not to release crime stats broken down according to the ethnicity or other indication of alien origin of the perpetrator. The data would be explosive. But we need the data to inform public policy-making. The Left should be squarely blamed for bringing the major source of 'stranger' sexual assault and rape to women.

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