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[Re-post] The Savile report is yet further witch-hunt nonsense; the BBC in thrall to 'identity politics' totalitarianism

[Re-post because of imposter postings despite password changes]

The BBC's useless internal Jimmy Savile report is an empty stoking of the witch-hunt against male celebrities, whereby mere allegation is falsely determined somehow to be proof without any proper examination of any allegation, on the wholly groundless assertion that multiple parallel allegations are somehow cross-corroboratory. On the very contrary, multiple parallel allegation in the wake of a highly publicised police/media 'trawl' for putative victims most likely indicates the usual dynamics at play of false or exaggerated allegation in the aftermath of consensual sexual activity where females try to repair damage to their sexual reputation. There is very clear research – see Professor Keith Soothill's work on this topic here in the UK, and Linda Fairstein and Dr Charles McDowell's work in the USA – that even trivial embarrassment is frequently addressed by a bogus account of rape or sexual assault. There is no possibility of any such examination given the many decades since the purported incidents, except to uncover likely highly inconsistent accounts by the accusers, all of whom are absurdly referred to by the DG, Lord Hall and Dame Janet as "survivors" [sic] when nobody was remotely at risk of death, serious injury or of any injury at all bar to the pride associated with female sexual propriety. With no criminal investigation, there was never even a start to any sort of unbiased enquiry. Instead of any open-minded attitude, all allegations are simply believed.

With the likely huge amount of sex Savile would be able to obtain given his status, fame and that this was within the pop music world, and with his conveniently positioned caravan at the Top of the Pops studios, it is surprising that ONLY eight rape allegations have belatedly been made. Given what is known about the nature and high incidence of false allegation and account of sexual assault and rape, then dozens would be expected, not a total in single figures. The retrospective withdrawal, of consent is a routine feature of sexual activity. As for the element of under-age sexual activity: this was bound to occur regardless of how careful Savile may or may not have been, because so many girls naturally would lie about being at least sixteen years old in order to be allowed on to the TOTP set. It would be fully expected that complaints disproportionately would be by those at the time aged under sixteen, because they would more likely be sexually inexperienced and have more need to cite some cover for their sexual activity. Consequently, such girls would feel more able to bring forward a complaint, irrespective of its veracity. Outright false claims or particularly marked exaggeration might also be more likely from this quarter, and thus may well account for the two outlying pre- or peri-pubertal instances.

As for the extension to Stuart Hall: this is to try to add credence with Hall having been convicted; but this conviction was not for any case of actual sex, and was through Hall making a foolish 'plea bargain' with the CPS/police, presumably because of his age and a naive belief that thus might stem rather than further stoke the anti-male maliciousness of the CPS. At worst, Hall committed minor misdemeanours, as even by the most pejorative view his b_ehaviour would have been regarded at the time; certainly nothing warranting any charge of sexual assault. His imprisonment was a disgrace to the judicial system.

The draconian treatment of Tony Blackburn simply because he challenged the BBC's likely mis-recording or deliberate misrepresentation (through the BBC very belatedly 'watching its back') that he was interviewed about an isolated allegation against him – which anyway was found to have no basis -- is highly indicative of the totalitarianism with which the BBC is now riven.

The BBC is a totalitarian organisation completely taken over by the now hegemonic political ethos of 'identity politics' – often mis-labelled 'political correctness' -- and this accounts for the BBC's ideological rather than fact-based line on Savile (and Hall).

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