Friday, April 29, 2016


The Labour Party and the Left hates not just all Jews: it hates us all -- 'the workers' as men, 'whites', heterosexuals.

It's not just Ken Livingstone et al who has lost it. The Labour Party's hatred towards not just Israel but Jews generically as a group they deem 'non-oppressed' and, thereby, 'the oppressor', is just the start of an opening of a can of worms the like of which has never been seen in politics. The Left long ago adopted the cartoon representation of the world into a binary split of 'the oppressed' and 'the oppressor' in the wake of the complete failure of Marxist political philosophy to produce a revolution in the West. The Left's support hitherto of 'the workers' not only ended, but flipped completely to cast 'the workers' as 'the oppressor' even more than the 'boss' class. The new 'oppressed' then became by default -- but on no rational basis whatsoever -- women, ethnic minorities and homosexuals. It was and remains the greatest fraud in all political history, and it will prove terminal for the Left once everyone wakes up to more than the realisation that Liebore and the Left hates us all, to discover just why and how Liebore and the Left hate us all.

See my long paper on this: THE ORIGIN OF 'IDENTITY POLITICS' & 'POLITICAL CORRECTNESS': Not Consideration for Minorities but Hatred for the Mass of Ordinary People; Specifically 'the Workers' -- Tracing the Roots of Why and How it Arose and Developed Reveals the Greatest Political Fraud in History.

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