Thursday, November 24, 2016


Thomas Mair relates to Brexit and Trump in attacking hate as much or more than being hate in itself

Don't those in the media and politicians ever learn anything?

What do journalists and MPs think the election of Donald Trump and Brexit were about?

What do they imagine Thomas Mair was about (apart from a psychiatric case), and how do they understand what Anders Breivik was doing citing the origin and history of 'identity politics' ('PC', as he termed it) as the basis for his appalling acts?

Mentally ill, Mair most certainly was: he was on long-term medication. He went down the classic loon road of revisiting long dead fascism. But he was a gentle, quiet, nice man according to all his neighbours. He seemed very far indeed from being full of hate. at least personally; which is rather more than can be said for many or most of the elite.

What's missing from the media's perspective is that the media itself embodies the big new 'extreme' – along with academia, education more widely, government, and even commerce.

As an American female commentator on the US election stated in various TV studios, in response to attacks on Trump as being somehow to the Right of Genghis Khan: "there are no moderates now". She was pointing to the rabid extremism of "identity politics" -- often dubbed 'political correctness' -- of 'liberals' all across the media, government, academia ...

The extreme that is now the mainstream media.

The politics now completely hegemonic is not one of 'love' that we all attacked with 'hate' through the ballot box. Neither did Breivik and now Mair attack 'love' with 'hate', so much as do what we all did, albeit far more of a payback – and yes, meet 'hate' with 'hate'. The politics under attack is in essence contempt and hatred: towards the masses. 'Identity politics' (aka 'PC') is at the core of the Labour Party today – not that the Conservative Party has not also taken it to heart, if not quite as fervently. 'IP'/'PC' is not at all as it is assumed, about consideration for 'oppressed' minorities: it is all about falsely lauding a number of faux 'groups' simply because they are not 'the workers' of old who 'let the side down', as it were, in the Left mindset – which is now the mindset across the whole 'establishment'; in every nook and cranny of it.

The lone despicable acts by Breivik and Mair certainly were unjustified and unforgivable; and in themselves obviously appear hateful. And yet they were less (or no more than) hate in themselves than attacking hate.

The 'establishment' had better wake up to the fact that people have woken up to the general thrust of what has been going on. Pretty soon they are going to further wise up to the risible and truly obscene basis of why 'the bastards hate us', as it were. Brexit and Trump are likely to turn out to be just the start.

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